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5 Things You Might Not Know About Twitter

I was reading some Twitter guides from Mom Resource and found there are so many things I didn’t know about Twitter, and some of these really surprised me.

1. Some BIG companies pay you for tweeting. 

I am quite surprised of this. I used to work on some micro tasks to get one or two cents by tweeting, but Saira, the author of Mom Resource got paid up to $35 per tweet. She also mentioned some companies pay $0.80 per tweet, which is still very good pay for me.

2. There is limit for number of following you can have.

Saira stated the limit was 2000, but I just checked on Twitter support page, the limit is 5000. Perhaps Twitter has lifted up the limit.

There is no limit for number of followers, but Twitter wants to prevent aggressive following. Once we have followed 5000 users, the limit might lift up according to the number of followers we have.

3. You can learn more about your tweet activities at Twitter Analytics

All of our tweet activities have already been tracked here. You can know how many tweets you have posted, tweet impressions, profile visits, summary and highlights for each month, etc. It is good to analyze how we do, and what we do well.

4. There is Twitter Chat

It’s like a networking event where users can discuss a certain topic. You might learn more about the topic that you are discussing and also meet more people that share the same interest. It is also a good way to build our networking on Twitter.

This is not a surprise I found out from Mom Resource, but from Buffer. You can learn more about Twitter Chat from this post.

5. You can share video on Twitter

I have always seen pictures being attached to the tweets, but I have not try out uploading videos yet. Besides uploading videos, we can also record the video or create live video using the Twitter app. I always thought twitter is mainly for text, and perhaps images, but video seems to be quite popular nowadays, and Twitter is adding this great feature too.

You can read more information about sharing video from this Twitter Support post.

Do you have any other things you would like to share about Twitter? I am interested to know more.


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    • VPN stands for virtual private network. I think some people use VPN to hide their actual location. For more details, you gotta learn more about it from the Internet. I am not too sure how it works. 🙂

    • You can check out the link I mentioned in the post, it’s from Mom Resources. We must have a huge number of Twitter followers in order to start making money. So, let’s start building the follower list now, if you don’t already have a lot. I am working on that now.

    • Yes, surprisingly there are quite a number of ways to do so. Just check out the link I mentioned. I think you must have lots of followers in your Twitter, perhaps you can give it a try. 🙂

  1. Another thing that you can add is they frown on people using a VPN. I had my first account that was 10 years old with over 10K followers Blocked by them for using a VPN. In the early days Twitter allowed anonymity, not any more, they want your phone number and they will call to verify it.

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