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This Post Will Reach The Depth Of Your Soul

Be assured, that this content is so powerful as to affect your conscience which is eternal, (you’ve heard it from me first lol.) regardless of how you or I respond to the controversial nature of the information which will is intended to lead up to what I am about to share with you in the last paragraph of the post, for example, whether this piece inspires praise or incites ridicule publically, via written comment, upvote or remaining neutral. The one guaranteed thing which will have utter bearing eternally is your inner reaction or response to it. For example, what you and I decide in our minds is ultimately what has consequence, because, we always, always know whether we have been true to our conscience or not. The only thing we have absolute control over in this life is our response or how we choose to react to all situations. So, allow me to demystify another life issue since God does not judge us,

who does?

We do!

or, our own individual consciences do. Believe It or Not. Their desire to possess knowledge, good and bad, is what put Adam and Eve out of Paradise:”they ate of the tree of knowledge, good and evil.” In other words, instead of merely existing in a fools paradise of ignorance they began to question their existence, they wanted to “live” not merely to exist, and it was at that very moment of seeing the truth (“the truth shall set us free”) they saw their own nakedness in discovering the true purpose of their existence on earth and how utterly lacking they were in charitable deeds. Yes, there were other humans, Adam’s son went to the land of Nod, to choose a wife.) Their newly discovered knowledge of having a purpose, instantly banished them from the paradise of ignorance, (paradise is a state of mind, not a place) in fact they were just like “the beasts of the field.” having no conscience”)

As the spirit of this article dawns on your conscience,  the true awareness of your only purpose here on earth will be everlasting and from that point of realization, neither Adam and Eve nor you and I can ever again, “unsee” what we know to be true. So, let’s stop being childish, in trying to pass the judgment buck to God, “the purported, old man up in the sky with the big book of names, the Book of Life”, kind of like Santa Clause who decides if I was a good kid or not? We each judge ourselves, every second of every moment when we decide about serious matters and go against what we know is right.

Your conscience is an infinitely more permanent and more fierce hell than the fairy tale version of Dante’s Inferno.” painting’s description of it, which sadly, is conveniently believed by:”90%” of all the people that ever walked the earth. (not my words) Go and take a look for yourself. When you wrong someone, you instantly entertained the malicious thoughts which you based your decision on.  Did you allow your ego, to drive your actions, even though your conscience shouted:”don’t do it, or, don’t say it!” 

By the way, right now, would be too late for you to return to the old fake understanding of what you and I have been put here on earth to do. The poverty, the pain, and suffering suddenly have taken on a new significance to you as you, just like we all will eventually realize, that God has not suddenly become stupid, what with all the natural disasters, floods, and famines, wars, greed and malice flourishing, when, He himself said, the poor will be with us forever. That fact should not be in question but should be seen in the context of those situations having been allowed to exist by the Creator for you and me to become charitable, caring, nurturing beings of light.

Finally, in spite of whether we choose to listen to our conscience and change or whether we ridicule this article as the rantings of an asylum escapee, matters not to me, I am merely the storyteller, not the author. I mentioned at the start, that I have something in this paragraph, which God has left us, as a kind of barometer of how well we are performing, something like a “pre-eternity” reward. Several readers of this post are already receiving this reward, even without fully realizing it. More information about what it is and how to get it, can be found here in this video, this is not a fundraising effort. Thank you.


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    • So do I LaJenna as I saw no hidden marketing angle to sell something, coming from them, other than that wonderful promise of abundance while still here, Idea. For what it’s worth, I have shared their personal take on “tithing” about living as being charitable beings while we sojourn on earth. I was literally driven to share the information above, it comes straight from the heart and is the product of many trials and tribulations over 40 years.
      One only needs to be on the “other side” for a few moments, as I was, to realize how fickle we can be as people, most of the time. Thank you for reading, regards, Andre’