Ours Is Not To Reason Why Or how, But To Accept And Do.

While the enclosed video, has no direct bearing on this topic, it is related to my previous post, mainly as this incident took place after my near death experience. It took place a short while after the passing of my wife’s 84-year-old grandmother that she had appeared to me, via a translucent, clothed, “purple-hued” image of her, complete with the mother of pearl cameo brooch she used to wear, pinned over her heart, “projected” against my bedroom wall.

At the time, I was fully awake and the time on the mantle clock was 10:08 PM, she had specific instructions as to why I should have the contents of the “treasure”and that the location of it, since the contents would, to most people within my friendship circle, not have any monetary value. She knew about my research and needed to get it to me, as it would help in my quest.

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The information she had stored away as a young girl, was in a very hard to find, specific geographic location and it contained information regarding the hereafter, a matter, which she knew, would be priceless to me. On the day which was tied to the specific movement of the solstice of the sun Solstice occurs twice each year (around June 21 and December 22) as the Sun reaches its most northerly or southerly excursion. In this case, it was on June 21 the specified day in our Southern winter, when my friend and I set off for the mentioned location.

When we arrived there, we needed to follow her predetermined, intricate directions given to me on that night 6 months earlier, to eventually, reach the spot at a precise time, where the direction of a sunbeam, indicated the excavation spot. We found exactly what she had described to me and indeed, so profound, was this information to me, that it shaped the course of my life in the ensuing years.

At the time of writing, the person who accompanied me to the site, although now old, is still very much alive.

Footnote: I place this information to assist others who may have had similar experiences, as a way of confirming to them, that this kind of communication, with departed souls, is indeed real as, needless to say, whether we believe it or not, we all shall eventually all see, believer and skeptic alike.


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  1. Yes, what is contained in the documents I received from her, were closely guarded for many years, for fear of ridicule, yet, there are many thousands of people walking the earth who know the secret of our existence on earth, and while everyone will ultimately find out, some at their dying breath and others on the other side. Everyone’s life story is the same except, many just don’t realize it yet.