Changes in my Weekend Agenda…

Friday, 9.22.17

At 6 pm, I walked into Nordstrom, and I checked out the new and remodeled Nordstrom Cafe. It is called EBAR now.

I haven’t bought anything from this new Nordstrom Cafe because I rarely go to the mall nowadays.

But it looks like a fun place to hang out and drink a coffee drink, tea drink, juice or smoothie. They added a seating area in the remodeled cafe.

The sun is going down. I arrived home and I realized that I need to be my weekly groceries. So, I decided to go to Wholesome Choice for a couple of items. When I returned home, I went on the internet to research the date for the Global Village Festival. It is tomorrow, 9.23.17, from 10 am to 6 pm. I have two other events to go to on Saturday: a Macy’s fashion event at 2 pm and an art gallery event at 3:30 pm. I don’t think I can attend all three. I think I will go to the Global Village Festival at 10 am. If I get bored, then I might leave at noon and go to the Macys event, or I might just stay at the Global Village Festival and do some videos of the event.


What do you think?


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