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Coronavirus Update

I think it is important if we keep updating each other on the current outbreak of coronavirus disease. This helps us to be on the know-how an if there are new information we should know about.

Tanzania has become the latest country to report a new case of coronavirus infection. Currently, 25 African countries have cases of 2019 novel coronavirus. It appeared African countries were spared and the scientists were baffled why Africans weren’t infected or why there were no deaths related to the coronavirus. I haven’t yet heard of any death resulting from those infected in Africa.

Unlike in western countries, it is difficult to track people who were in contact with infected ones. This is when you consider many people live in slums or informal settlements. Also, public vehicles are overcrowded with passengers. 

When you consider a large percentage of African countries have poor health systems, it makes things worse. Remember African nations are struggling to keep under control malaria which is a killer disease in Africa. The other diseases that are straining health resources are HIV/AIDS, TB, measles, polio and cancer. 

How Africa will deal with coronavirus is the big question. If the infection rises, it will be the most hit.


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  1. In San Diego County California as of yesterday. All schools are closed. All bars. All restaurants, and public events, concerts and things like that are closed. The people are panicking and the shelves are bare of….yes, toilet paper. Which seems very strange that TP is the thing to be wiped out. Not bottled water, not food, but TP? What’s next to run out? Car Wax?

  2. I live in Spain, we are the second most affected country in Europe and the fourth worldwide. The state of alert was announced last Saturday, we are living in a state of war, the virus has spread and it is very difficult to fight it now. We ar e not allowed to leave our homes, we can only buy food, walk the dog or going to the pharmacy, the state of emergency was declared for the next 15 days but we are going to live like this for a lot of time. Our economy is going to be destroyed. Having top politicians infected do not help, we currently have two ministers infected, the wife of the president of the country and two regional presidents. The situation is horrendous but as I live in a rural area it is not so bad as the situation in big cities like Madrid where the virus is getting stronger and stronger.

      • Thanks a lot. It is funny that coronavirus does not attack dogs and yes we can leave our homes to walk our dogs but we cannot talk with other owners we may encounter but to say the truth, there are no people in the streets, only police cars….

        • It is good you are safe. People living in rural are more safer than in urban. I hope the situation will be brought under control. The outbreak sounds like a third world war. I hope it won’t reach the magnitude of the bubonic plague.

      • Yes we do have some with the virus, not as many as overseas we have 20 cases and quite a few in isolation. We soon won’t be taking anyone from overseas. No cruise ship can come here,

        However, for us here, not the least bit affected we can go out for a coffee or a drive. Even can go to the gym.

        What we are doing is our best to get people who come to NZ just about everyone is to isolate themselves for 14 days.

        Our supermarket isles of cleaning products, toilet paper and hand sanitiser is less but not impossible to buy them.

        • We really do have to be vigilant at keeping nasties out, as our neighbour Australia has the deadliest snakes and spiders and other nasties in the world but actually we also could do a lot better. Some catch things like scorpions that are not NZ in some places..

          • I guess it was hard to catch before they even knew what it was it was too late. I think you have a really good chance of it not becoming an epidemic there. I hope so at least.

    • I hope as Kim is concerned the virus hasn’t invaded your country.
      It’s affecting world and individual economies. I’m not sure how long people can hold on because many are low earners.

      • Well, the ones who are getting the coronavirus, in New Zealand, are the rich and wealthy who can afford to travel.
        Why the coronavirus is spreading is that those with it or near a person infected do not self isolate when they should.

        Anyone from a plane overseas now entering New Zealand must self isolate for 14 days before going on their holiday plans, if they don’t the police are notified and they are sent back to the country where they come from.

    • Yes, it is a nightmare. Also when you consider people in the villages might not know of this pandemic disease and some areas have poor radio signals thus they don’t about it or don’t get any update of the disease. The health system, financially inadequate, congestion in living areas…it is a disaster.

  3. Yes almost every countries of the world are now touched by COVID 19. Here in Canada we have some 300 cases and more. Of course the panic and the overbuying is going full blast. Elective surgeries such as my cataract removal are basically all on hold until further notice. Government workers and other workers are being told to stay home and try to work from home. Schools and universities are closing down. And those measures have just started and will hold for at least three more weeks and more if needed… But let’s hope that the UV rays of the upcoming summer will put a stop if not at least a relief from this virus…

    • 300 cases is an alarming number. Reading your comment makes me think what will happen to people who are very sick from other diseases. How will they go to hospital?
      Let’s hope that will be the case because the panicking is also causing a havoc. I hear people saying we are going to die.

  4. Very interesting post. Yes, that is very surprising, that Africa has not been much affected at present, especially in view of the social conditions there generally. Maybe Africans have a greater natural immunity? To this virus anyway, even if not to certain others.

    • It might be Africans have greater immunity but it’s still not yet known. The first cases of infection began about two weeks ago.
      Many countries in Africa are experiencing for the first time this type of coronavirus.

    • Thank you, Carol. The US has also been hit hard. I hope your government will deal with the situation from becoming an epidemic.
      You’re right. We should remain focused and cautious.

  5. I do not want to think about this opportunity. I do not want to think about the possible consequences if this becomes a reality. Praying to find a vaccine faster will help to break and destroy this virus. In Spain, there are already blocked areas and they are guarded by machines. People do not have the necessary self-discipline.

    • Sometimes the government is left with no choice than to carry out some actions. Like you said, it results from people lacking self discipline.
      It will take 6 months to 1 year for a vaccine to be administered to people.

  6. There was a rumour that ‘black people were exempt’ which is rubbish as those in Jamaica are black… now we have 10 cases and one area has been quarantined with police and soldiers blocking in and out.

    We are somewhere between panic and hysteria


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