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Northern California Beach Art – Spring Emergence

Storms this winter were more frequent and more severe than usual. The rains, salty ocean spray, and driving sandy winds scrubbed this wall clean of all its art and/or graffiti. In spring the anonymous artists returned to redecorate the walls with unofficial public art. This is the first of the new works that will soon cover the wall for the summer. It’s street art that forgot to bring the street in a small beach community.

I took this photo at night in Bolinas, California using a flash. This work may still be in progress but was complete enough to deserve my pausing to photograph it. Looks promising and it will last at least through the coming summer.


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    • I agree the technique with the dots does indeed. It also is very like Pacific Northwest tribes imagery, … I suspect that the artist is Miwok but I don’t know for sure. In a town that small though I could easily find out. I’m frequently there visiting old friends. Hey, it’s nice to see you here — welcome!!

    • Earthquakes, hurricanes, flooding, wildfires, … it’s always something. I recently displaced myself slightly to the north and now I have fruit trees and a vegetable garden but I checked the history of where I live and in 1906 the quake completely destroyed it. So I’ve got that as usual.
      I remember we talked about a night photo of the Pig and Whistle once on Niume I think. Cheers.

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