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End of year Christmas stream with Steve Merry Christmas to you all. This will be my last stream of the year with a guest Steve. It was a very fun stream and...

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Tonal creature scene with koru-xypress So it has been a little while since I posted a video on my YouTube channel. This one talks about tonal studies with a guest...

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The importance of 3 tone studies. This is my 3 tone study that I created recently. There are two creatures I created ideas for in this video. I talk about 3...

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Dragon illustration with guest artist Nell Fallcard This is a video of me painting a dragon. I am joined by an amazing artist Nell Fallcard. She is an amazing artist from Mexico....

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My experience with inktober 2017 Heya, so this is a video about inktober. I talk about my experience with inktober this year. I hope you enjoy this and feel free...

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