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I Am

I was layers

under the epidermis

the knowledge

I was so limited

the knowledge that it hides

covered by failing to remember

the whole secret

of life

who actually I had brought along

in myself

wherever I am.

Illustration by Albert Herdie  – Digital painting from part of The Land of Confusion Series – The surface of Life Ripples.

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    • I am not very successful at understanding your question, but hopefully, this answer is quite appropriate; I am grateful that I can remember why I came here. It because I have chosen and want to learn from both my parents as “a school”, through their whole attitude and whole existence.

      • I hear you. I think what I was aiming for was more the work we have to do along the way to ourselves. That we are a work in progress. Sometimes when we arrive to a destination, we are not the finished us that we wish to be.

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