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I Am

I was layers

under the epidermis

the knowledge

I was so limited

the knowledge that it hides

covered by failing to remember

the whole secret

of life

who actually I had brought along

in myself

wherever I am.

Illustration by Albert Herdie  – Digital painting from part of The Land of Confusion Series – The surface of Life Ripples.


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  1. I am who I am
    Because of the knowledge
    I store under my epidermis
    (Now please forgive me as I chuckle because for once I was able to comment in line with the poem ?)

          • Yes and I often wonder why we can remember some and not others. The others feel more important at times. But I also believe our minds often suppress memories to protect us.

        • Our ego is the curtain that responsible for closing that memory. The purpose is to let us learn in this life according to our vision and mission of birth, unfortunately, the ego always acts too far to master us. That is the reason why we dive into life within through meditation or other means, to jump away from the ego and enter the true consciousness and the memories that are stored in the subconscious or for further; akashic record.

        • I am glad that my writing gives you a drop of benefit. Our ego is indeed to be conquered to make it easier for us to remember our true selves and that is why I often talk about overcoming ego, dear friend.

  2. Nice. Although I would argue that if you are there, you brought along youself. Perhaps the self however, you bring isn’t always the self you wish. 🙂

    • I am not very successful at understanding your question, but hopefully, this answer is quite appropriate; I am grateful that I can remember why I came here. It because I have chosen and want to learn from both my parents as “a school”, through their whole attitude and whole existence.

      • I hear you. I think what I was aiming for was more the work we have to do along the way to ourselves. That we are a work in progress. Sometimes when we arrive to a destination, we are not the finished us that we wish to be.

        • Wow. This is a deep great discussion. You’re right about that, Coach. We often feel it during the process or travel. If we can feel that we are not us as wish to be, the awareness comes from the ability to evaluate ourselves, which is often overlooked. With that awareness we at least know that we have to fix the direction, right? I’m sure you know about that, Captain.

        • You are so right, Coach. Self-evaluation or introspection is relatively easy to do if we only refer to the general measurement but to be different if we want to really know and understand our true self.

    • Indeed We are continuously working to improve our personality with all its layers in some ways. Others we “coincidently” encounter are lessons and “road signs” or breadcrumbs on the path to rediscovering where we came from and where we will return.