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At one life’s stage, I worked together with one Polish who very liked to repeat Polish proverb. The free translation would sound like this because I do not know how to say it in Polish: mother teaches you to love and feel; people teach you wisdom.

And indeed, if we look around well, every human being can give us some wisdom or experience. Every day we can finish the day being a little wiser than we woke up. 

Yes, even not a very cunning, not very wise man can enrich us – it will be a lesson of tolerance, or our behavior, our reaction to him will reveal to us some unexpected truth of life. So don’t underestimate anything. Better look around and learn. Sometimes it’s useful.

For example, this morning accidentally from one person I learned that the word company in Latin means “sharing bread”, “cum panis”. It was a stranger who asked to share the salt from my lunch desk in a cafe, and we started talking. 

And exactly, what can be more meaningful than sharing bread with a stranger: everyday bread, festive, last, first baked, hard or easy earned?

It is so good to share impressions, experiences, smiles, wishes, recipes, insights, compliments, dinners, gifts, words, autumn or spring plants, whatever. So, let’s share the bread too.

And you may start to believe that sharing with others can do wonders – it may once bring in to your world the unexpected people and their wisdom.

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