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I am confused with virtue and vice, through one act, one party says it is virtuous while others say it bad. Is there a perfect virtue?

The blind can not understand and experience the light, no matter how much explanation is given. You will not be able to see perfect apples with imperfect eyes. You can not feel perfect true love with feelings of imperfect thoughts. If you can see, and your vision is perfect, your sense is perfect, you will not ask and that understanding must come by itself.

At least, explain the difference between the two.

That difference is blindness, an unconsciousness.

So, I must free myself from the trap of the mind, is that really the way?

As long as you talk about ways, you will never be free.

Then how can I be free?

As long as you are with your body and mind, never will.

All right, I surrender.

That is good. I’ve given up long ago.

You give up? To whom? The Divine?

Just give up, unconditionally. Just give up but not to the Divine. For if I just give up only to the Divine, then I also acknowledge that there are others who are not divine, and that means I have denied the Oneness of The Divine.

All right, I believe.

As well as I am. Believe answered all questions. End the search. But what kind of belief? For only beliefs that are born out of the womb of doubt and distrust that are useful, others don’t.

Illustration by Albert Herdie  – Digital painting from part of Deep Within series Contemplation.


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  1. I have long argued that people see what they want to see (hear what they want to hear and so on). You’ve presented another view of that argument, it resonates well. The image is simply beyond words.

    You have captured more than the words Albert you have captured a moment!

  2. To each his own! Just hold on to what you believe, keep doing good and set everything else free. The blind might not see or experience the light, but if the person leading the blind and describe in good details, the mind can still see and experiencing it!

  3. I love the picture, but I disagree with your philosophy. I do believe in absolutes and that some things are not divine. I believe opening fire on helpless concert goers is evil. I believe sharing your food with those who don’t have any is good. I believe there is a God who cared enough about us, who are made in his image, to reveal himself to us by coming to walk among us and teach us how to be good and to be reconciled to him when we can’t be good enough.


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