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In The Abundance of Love ~ 365 Photos Challenge #212

As the fish live in the ocean, fish can see everything in the sea except water. Fish live in water and water also fill the body but the fish can not see the water and do not realize that it lives in the water, so it is with us who live in the blank air.

We live in blank air outside or inside us, but we can not see the air and do not realize that we live in the air. Wherever we are, we will always be in the blank air that is invisible.

This air can be real meaning as well as symbolically meaningful as love, abundance, learning, collective consciousness, and so on. It is in this symbolic context that we find it difficult to understand or realize that we do live in an abundance of love, energy, true peace and even divinity.  Then, what’s behind all this, behind everything we can see?

Indeed, this kind of thing may not appeal to many people because our sense-reality insists that we only need to care about physical reality, material things, but for  seekers of the essence of truth, such a life can be very funny because they see other people always just chasing something like a donkey chasing a carrot tied to a stick and hang in front of its eyes.


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