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Four stages of love

Love, like a person, lives 4 stages of life – childhood, youth, maturity, and age of wisdom and spiritual generosity incorrectly called old age.

Two meet, and the world becomes rosy, nightingales sing in the shower, lovers see only good in each other, and believe that only bright and good things are waiting for them in the future. Just like children, they are happy here and now, ready to share their joy with everyone. Pink glasses of the first charm colorize the world and the desired in beautiful colors.

And then you finished the first carefree page of a book called Love. Real-life begins. You still consider the beloved most-most-most, but you notice that your life priorities are not always the same, sometimes you are not interested in what partner is passionate about, and you understand that he/she is not ideal in everything. But this seems to be not so important. The main thing is that love is great and bright, sexual compatibility is ideal and, after all, we don’t live in a fairy tale so that to get everything at once, most important that two halves of the whole have met…

Love grows out of the short pants of youth and the understanding comes that falling in love is flight, song, butterflies in the stomach, but love is work always. Mature love does not talk, it acts. Ideal relationships do not exist, you need to work on them always, from the first day and the rest of your life. 

Accept a loved one as he is, realizing that a dear person will not change, perhaps never. There are no ideals. We are all with flaws and own features. To move away from the crushing “must.” We do it because we love, we want to take care of and delight our beloved. In a harmonious union, love is giving without any expectations.

Few unions go hand in hand to the silver age of love. How much wisdom, spiritual strength is needed for love-flight, love-passion to develop into love-kinship when a family union is a monolith and the expression “will separate death only” is not just words.

For years, we have to build a house of Love brick by brick, reliable, comfortable for both. Living for two is a series of the most difficult exams of our life, which successfully passing, the two beloved find happiness for many years.Remember, what we sow, that we reap.

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