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Black and White Friday – See more colors

Once upon a time, everything was black and white to me. Over time I see more and more shades of gray and even various colors. So, from time to time, I will try not to delay matters for “later”. Why? Because I’m not sure if I’ll wake up the next morning.

Therefore, you never give up on your dreams. It is their implementation that makes life so exciting. Never be too proud unnecessarily. We all make mistakes and no one has a monopoly on the truth. Have the courage to admit your mistakes.

Never be afraid to go ahead. Better make mistakes than do nothing at all.  All the mistakes we made were needed, otherwise, we wouldn’t know they were mistakes. We have learned a lesson for the future and got wisdom. Now we know that in a similar situation we need to do things differently.

Never be ashamed of the words “I love you” because tomorrow you may not have the person you want to say it to.

We are all just for a moment, everyone will come out sometime… Need to live now! We only have one life, but if we live properly, one is enough.

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