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Shaping Different Reality ~ 365 Photos Challenge #196

These fruits and flowers are the property of the crop tree. Usually, this plant is used as a living fence or to be formed as a specific form in a garden. These fruits and flowers would not exist if the plant owner always trims the plants according to his wishes or according to the beauty in a commonly agreed definition.

Love in its purest form is the highest vibrational energy of pure Light. If we are in harmony with it, it can elevate those who resonance the same level, especially those who recognize the divine nature of everything.

Such understanding and awareness are very important given that it is very easy for us in this age to harmonize with thoughts of fear and negativity. All the events in the world have caused many people to buried lively in fear because we interpret what we see according to the belief of the third dimension. The human mind can only use what is already in consensus consciousness, which it already knows, making it difficult to let go of ideas about possible disaster situations and eliminate fear.

When we accept thought on the basis of fear and make it our thinking, we enliven them in our experience. When that fear arises we need not deny or scold ourselves, but shove our energy lovingly by telling ourselves something effective that can recognize that fear and at the same time a belief to no longer use or need it, a powerful statement that serves to shift our awareness from negativity to the truth.

Make our minds give life to the truth you know when you live in the present moment, remembering that together with the Divine, we ourselves are His strength. When we always live our lives in this way, we add light to the universal world consciousness which at some point will cause the whole event to shift as consciousness is the basic substance of the creation of external events. Of course, this can not happen in a short time, for it is a process.

We are consciousness. Our bodies are in our consciousness, not the other way around, our consciousness is not in the body. Our consciousness shapes the body necessary for our needs and gives or becomes a lesson as long as we are on earth. When you realize this you will find that you are no longer simply bow to the beliefs of the world that say you are your body.

The whole thing we recognize, a world we recognize its existence is in our consciousness, spouse, family, occupation, close friends or distant friends, beliefs, weather, delicious food, whatever. Everything happens in consciousness and nothing exists outside of consciousness. So is it worth it if we have to ask about what we have given to our consciousness? What beliefs, what concepts, what ideas, should I believe? and so on to the extent possible and especially about being free from everything we know.

The spiritual consciousness that evolved from truth and light will manifest the physical form in whatever form is necessary for your highest good, even in a form that we may not believe to be our highest good. The mind is the way of consciousness, refers to the state of consciousness of each person and then manifests it outwardly. Our consciousness is the substance of our world. Imagine how if more and more people live with this consciousness.

If you want to join, here is all about 365 Photos Challenge and I am on Day 196.


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  1. Very cognitive philosophical & psychological article & comments, so my conclusion is: there are useful fears and useless fears, so we shouldn’t reject first in order to survive but always try to to conquer last.

    • Thanks for your thought, Anastasia. Everything that has two sides can always be useful
      and useless, as well as fear too. Afraid to taste is beneficial, but if more than its portion will dominate, colonize and rule.

  2. Alex and Carol’s comment are both ones to ponder upon. Our minds play tricks on us if we are not constantly aware of our surroundings.

  3. We have to retrain our brains and remember we are in charge of our decisions, and most of what happens around us. If we cannot control our surroundings, find our own ways of preparing and dealing. There is no easy routes in life. We are in charge of our own decisions and choices, so we need to try to use all resources to get it right.

  4. Each of us has a river within us that ebbs and flows. Our happiness and sadness moving along the river. What we accomplish in life, lies along the shore. We are the bobbing log in the river. Not choosing, simply being.

  5. You are so right, Albert. I have moved from “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway” through “Pride and Fear are Unfit to Bear the Standard of Truth” and on to just Being. But all of that is a whole lot easier once one is retired.

    • Thanks a lot for your thought, Ann. I basically agree that when we retire, there are things that are easier for us to do. But also do not have to wait for old to be brave, have a high awareness, understand and realize pure love, is not it? I have met enough enlightened young people, besides those who have grown older with mature manhood.

  6. Fear is a survival instinct, so being fearless can reduce your life expectancy. But if you let fear rule your life, the quality will be reduced. Moderation in all things…

    • Nothing is unimportant in us. But can we measure which one of us more authority, from visible to invisible of all motives, fear or courage? If you try to find an internal barrier that restricts your art of painting and tries to overcome or break free from it, I also try to bury myself from something that hinders the art of understanding my life.