The ruin in a village – My Pictures for Today 13-01-2018

After the fall of the communist regime in Bulgaria. The life of the people in the villages has become a heavy burden. Older people with their pensions can not keep their houses. To your surprise, these people do not receive earnings higher than 100 euros. With these funds they have to cover all their expenses. The young people went to the big cities to look for a job. And then it all began to ruin everything. There is a tendency for some young people to come back. They started building new houses. But especially in this village things are still very bad. About 70% is depopulation. At the foot of the mountain, among the beauty of nature, this seems ominous. Are there such abandoned villages in your families?

The photos are taken with the phone during a trip from the car.

The ruin under the pine forest


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  1. Sad to see so many ruins. We had no idea of what was happening in communist countries in New Zealand, being so far away from everyone.
    We heard horror stories of communism but really never met anyone, so we just didn’t know.
    I would expect the communist countries would hear horror stories of the western countries as well.
    Sad world, when those with more money take all and don’t care about the people.

  2. yeah, the depopulation agenda is happening all over the world for the nwo agenda. the zionist govts are doing it on purpose for the one world govt totalitarian society.

  3. Out with the old and in with the new is happening all over the world. We see buildings being destroyed every day here to build hotels and shopping centers.

  4. Such a big social shock occurred with the fall of communism. It was encouraged and welcomed by all in the west, yet everyone saw only the big picture, failing to see the consequences for real people. Of course in the new rampant capitalism, some did well, but at what cost? πŸ™

    • There are many rich foreigners who buy them. Nature in Bulgaria is beautiful and it attracts them. But it is unfortunate that people have to sell the family property of their ancestors.

    • I know you have these problems. I have friends from Romania who are here in Spain. Quite often, we often talk about how they chased us away from our native lands.

  5. Sad to see this is happening in so many places in the world. It seems we are being corralled. Great shots, and so interesting. I love taking photos of old ruins.