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How to save abandoned houses?

Many people all over the world abandon their houses. In my view, the main reason for this is the unbearable high interest rates on loans for the purchase of housing. The other reason for this is that before the current global crisis many people have invested their savings real estate. But now the purchasing power among the population is very low. It’s about ordinary people, not rich people and millionaires.

Every building that is not inhabited dies. The important thing for a house is to be inhabited. It is not the most important what it looks like, but what is happening in it. When the owners have gone irrevocably to another settlement or died, it is emptied of content. Or she has to accept new inhabitants, either to change the function or to transform. Nature does not have the resources to sit for so long – it catches it and transforms it.

They can be accommodated in a deserted property without families, homeless, beggars. In this way, they will be able to cultivate the land and get basic food products. So the owner of the property will actually own the land, but in the abandoned house it will be able to live and support people. They make a commitment to take care of it and cover the water and electricity bills.

I would be interested to know your opinion on this topic.

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  1. In theory its a great idea but the hurdles to cross would be varied and large. Modern building codes would have to be met so they could be structurally sound and meet fire codes, as well as other codes required for each specific location. The costs to do that are usually prohibitive, but if that could be accomplished there are more issues that would have to be addressed. Upkeep, taxes, and more would have to be considered before someone could make a good decision about going that direction with old buildings. Usually, old buildings are fixed up so the rich can use them because it takes so much money to even get started with such a project.

  2. I think there is a tradeoff that has to be considered here. I owned an older house (60 years old when we bought it in 1993). It didn’t have central air, efficient heating or good insulation. It was our house, but it cost nearly twice what the new house we bought five years later did as far as heating. Older houses have to be updated (insulation).

    That said, it is a shame when they are abandoned. I guess I am in the middle on this one. I see good and bad in both arguments.

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