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A piece of architectural photography

This is a photo I took on the way to my work one day.  I walk past this every day to work, and I have always wondered what it is, or was.  It’s all rusted away now and not sure if it’s still in use.  Maybe it’s something to do with the gas industry, I have no clue to be honest.  But I have often seen people take pictures of it.  I think people enjoy taking photos of structures and interesting pieces that stand out, like this one.

I posted this on Instagram and made it black and white.  When my friend saw it she said she thought it had come out well.  I took this with my mobile phone and used the filters on Instagram to make it black and white.  Although I think it makes a good piece of photography, I think I’m glad I don’t live close to it.  There are rows of houses behind this structure.  I’m not sure I’d want to be looking at this ever day.  Still, it makes for interesting viewing as a photographer, I think.  This was taken in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk.


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  1. It’s a gasholder, built during the days of “town gas” which was stored in holders like this. Inside the structure was a domed container that rose and fell depending on how much gas was inside.

    Some of these have been preserved in various parts of the country because they were iconic structures that people simply got used to. There are well-known examples next to the Oval cricket ground and on the approach to St Pancras railway terminus – one of the latter has been converted to a children’s play area and another to an apartment block.


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