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Does your reply button work?

I seem to be having a problem with the reply button. I do read your comments and really want to reply. I just can’t right now. Until then… enjoy some kittens?

The cover.. We are all in this together..

This is how I feel when Virily isn’t working..

and this…

Then, I started to think what the admins must feel like….. Thank you all for scrambling to get everything fixed. 

We know you hear us! 

But sometimes we feel like this..

even when you tell us you are working on the problems, and to relax..

Some find it easier to relax…

Some are more skeptical… 

 I noticed everyone is getting paid that made enough for a payout!  Virily pays at the end of the month… Mine has been deposited. 

Thank you Virily for the payment.

 Now if I could just reply to comments… Is anyone else having this problem? 


What do you think?

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Written by Kim_Johnson


  1. Those cute kittens do help relieve tension! I find the reply button only works right at the end of a post, where it does thread the comments. But when I reply to people who comment on my photos the comment box only appears at the very bottom and I don’t know if the person who commented ever gets notified that I replied. It’s very confusing, so I try to mention the person’s name whose comment I’m answering in case they check back.

  2. Such a cute post! My reply button works unless I click on a notification about a comment under an item in a list. To respond to this comments, I have to open the post itself, it doesn’t work if I open it through the notifications.

  3. Lots of cute kittens!

    Sorry to hear your reply button doesn’t work! I have the issue only when posting a reply on a single image in a gallery/list post. If it’s open in the full gallery/list post it seems to work.

  4. Ah…cute kittens!! But even they can’t keep my frustrations away!!
    Though they took quite a huge chuck of it off…

    For me , the reply button is working but not so for the polls and the site has been down for HOURS!! I really don’t know what to say already

  5. This is adorable Kim. Trying to make humor of a not so good situation.
    My reply button issues comes and goes. This is the first time (7pm centra)
    I could even access the site today.

  6. What a nice way to communicate, through kittens and very pretty ones at that. To answer your question, I do not seem to have any problem posting, or writing comment or writing replies to comments. But sometimes Virily just will not load up on my laptop and the little wheel turning and circling makes me so drowsy just like the kitty cat that is sleeping it off. Anyway, very nice post.