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Bluebird Blog ~ Surprise Catch

Today is day 14 since the bluebird babies hatched. I can no longer monitor the house. If I open the door they could fledge too soon. So I sit back and watch. The parents tell me what is going on by their actions. They have backed off on feeding as much. They are getting ready for the babies to fledge in the next couple of days.

Last year I was watching the bluebirds in my backyard house. Just as I am now. I was walking around in my yard with my Canon PowerShot (small camera). I happened to look up in one of my pine trees and there was a bluebird baby. I did not know he had flown from the nest. It happens so quickly. But there he was camouflaged very well. And he was very still. I slowly walked closer and got a photo of him before he flew away.


It is a challenge to get a photo of these babies once they leave the nest. The parents keep a close eye on them for several weeks. They feed them and continue to protect them. You can see his spots if you look closely. That is how you can tell he is a baby. As he grows the spots will fade away. So much to learn in nature. 

Thank you all for allowing me to share my bluebirds of happiness.

Yesteday’s update in case you missed it: Feeding Babies


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  1. You might have to invest in an outdoor WiCam! Mine lets me snap stills from my smart phone. That is an amazing close-up to have taken by hand. I can just see you tip-toeing around the yard with your PowerShot in hand.

    • This one has a little blue on its tail, probably a female. The males have lots of blue. Also, the stage this baby is at in the photo, she has more spots than anything but that will turn to blue.


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