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Bluebird Blog 2018 #2 ~ Update

I am continuing with my backyard Bluebird blog of 2018. As most of you know there were five babies that fledged the nest a few weeks ago. The photo above is one of the babies from the last brood as he first flew out of the nest into a nearby tree. So cool to witness. Then a few weeks later, the bluebirds came back and built the nest. Here is the most recent blog update in case you missed it about the nest: Nest Building

The nest has been built 6 days now. But no eggs. I have been checking the nest every day, a few times a day sometimes. I had given up on a second nest. Blamed it on the heat. This morning I was out filling up the bird bath, without a camera. Peeked inside the house just because that is what I do every day. And here is what I saw.

Yes that is one egg. I could not believe it. One tiny bluebird egg. I quickly came in and got my camera, went out for this photo. I hope there will be more. And I hope it is not abandoned. You never know with the heat. A lot of factors go into a successful nest. Over the years I still get excited. I also know things can happen. I will keep you updated as this progresses. Thinking positive.

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    • Yes it really is a miracle. Each day I hope to find one more for a few days. I don’t know for sure, since they all look pretty much alike. However, this time the male and female built the nest and have been hanging around with two of their babies, remember? Like in the picture above, I could see their spots. So I am pretty sure it is the same pair.