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Bluebird Blog 2018 #2 ~ FATALITY

The last entry in my Bluebird Blog 2018 (Part 2) was about the four eggs laid. You can read it here if you missed it.    How Many Eggs?

I go out each day to check on the eggs making sure there are no predators. There have been four eggs for about 10 days now.  After day 12, I have to stop monitoring as they will hatch around day 14.

Yesterday I went out to do my daily check. I gasped when I opened the box. Only two eggs remained. I looked around on the ground. And there were two eggs pierced and broken. It broke my heart. House sparrows do this. They will pierce the eggs with their beaks, sometimes kill the bluebirds, and they build a nest on top of them. Thankfully the bluebirds have survived. They continue checking the eggs and I hope the female is incubating them. They could easily abandon the nest due to this disruption. Hoping the eggs will hatch in a few days, if the female continues incubation. Keeping fingers crossed the remaining two will survive. This is all part of the process but it never gets easier when this happens.

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House sparrows will reward your kindness by killing your bluebirds ~Bob Orthwein


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Written by Carol DM


  1. The bluebirds have to be vigilant 24/7 but the sparrows only need one moment to undo all that effort. Truly, it is easier to destroy than to create. Vishnu is underrated and underappreciated…

  2. So sad … why do you think if you intervene?
    I mean like chasing off sparrows if you see them loitering around?
    Will it disrupt the natural cycle?

    • I am constantly chasing sparrows as are the bluebirds but ever now and then the will get in the box and destroy them. It depends on the bluebirds what the next step will be. Hopefully they will continue with the two eggs left. Sparrows are just a natural predator for the bluebird. It is actually legal to kill them. I do not but I do everything I can to keep them away.