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This is a random Personality Quiz to make you lose faith in all personality quiz!!

This is a random Personality Quiz! And the aim of this quiz is to make you lose faith in all personality quiz!!! Wahahahaha … yes, it is that sinister!!

Basically, you wouldn’t know what results you’ll get nor what your possible results would be … is it a character from a movie, an animal or just some random rubbish, you’ll never know till you take it!

So, are you on?

  • Question of

    You’re being trapped in a lift, and …

    • Knock myself cold with a brick!
    • “Hello!! How old are you?”
    • Huh? What?
    • I’m one of them!
  • Question of

    It’s summer!! Let’s go to the beach!!

    • It’s the same if I stay in my room …
    • Have to wear the super long coat to cover my overflowing fats!
    • Time for some fun!
    • Yeay! Time for some eye candy!!
  • Question of

    You know a HUGE secret!

    • Busted!! Wahahaha!
    • I’ll never tell you that XXX is YGSJ in HSKK!! NEVER!
    • Play games till your brain is fried so you cna forget about it!
    • I thought I’m the only one with a secret!
  • Question of

    What happened?

    • They’re watching a comedy!
    • A group of dentist discussing about food stuck in teeth!
    • Someone played the wrong video!
    • Someone streaming herself eating live!
  • Question of

    If water is to swim, then coffin is to …

    • sleep!
    • million year old hamburgers!
    • sand!
    • rot!
  • Question of

    Pick one!

    • Yes
    • No
    • d
    • c
  • Question of

    Your favourite soft toy came to live …

    • Yeay! Let’s party!
    • Wait … what….? Nah, I’m just dreaming!
    • It’ll never happen!
    • It’s a prank!
  • Question of

    Pick a colour!

    • Yes
    • s
    • a
    • g
  • Question of

    Personality Quiz are …

    • a set of questions to answer!
    • fun and “yes to all!!!”
    • I don’t read!
    • I don’t want to know!
  • Question of

    How do you feel getting to this last question?

    • I’ve lost all faith in Personality Quiz!!
    • It’s like exam!
    • I don’t want to know the result!
    • great! Let’s smoke a cigar!


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