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Zodiac Element Personality Test

It’s been a while since I said I was going to make a personality quiz.

This is an experiment. I will attempt to guess your zodiac element (fire, earth, air or water) with these 10 questions. I doubt I will succeed, but this was made for fun, then let’s have fun!

The Sun sign is only the top of the iceberg.

(The Sun sign is what you get by knowing the day and month of birth of a person).

There’s much more than that, your dominant element might not match your Sun element.

(Get a birth chart to have an accurate description of what astrology “thinks” of you!)

For instance, my Sun and Moon are ruled by water, yet fire is what appears the most in my chart. In fact, both fire and water would be accurate guesses in my case.

Enjoy and please, share your results!

  • Question of

    A statement is the most correct when…

    • It makes sense
    • It pleases me
    • It was said by someone I trust
    • It is supported by verified sources
  • Question of

    I tend to be…

    • Frustrated
    • Tired
    • Nervous
    • Disappointed
  • Question of

    When someone hurts me…

    • I return “the favor”
    • I ask why they did
    • I look for advice/support
    • I start avoiding them
  • Question of

    The best place for a first date would be a…

    • Fancy restaurant
    • Fast-food restaurant
    • Bar or pub
    • Café
  • Question of

    My favorite movie genre is…

    • Comedy
    • Horror
    • Fantasy
    • Other
  • Question of

    It is Saturday, tonight I want to…

    • Go out for dinner/drinks
    • Watch movies or sports with friends
    • Read or play games
    • Netflix and cuddles
  • Question of

    My hobbies mainly involve…

    • Volunteering or outdoor activities
    • Health and wellness
    • Arts, music or writing
    • Cooking
  • Question of

    I like people who are…

    • Honest
    • Loyal
    • Reliable
    • Open-minded
  • Question of

    My ideal vacation would be…

    • A dreamlike experience
    • Wild and adventurous
    • Pleasant and relaxing
    • Exciting and meaningful
  • Question of

    Choose an animal

    • Fox
    • Wolf
    • Bear
    • Lion


What do you think?

32 points

Written by sabtraversa

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    • Thanks! I think the Air sign comes with a better description, more cheerful at least, and somehow includes Pisces. However, if you’d like to read what I wrote for the water element, you can get that result by choosing the fourth option to all questions. ?

    • Thanks for taking the quiz and helping me with the experiment. I guess Sagittarius is a sign that contemplates a lot, is into meditation, loves to dream and has a humanitarian spirit, like the sign of Pisces. Or you may just have important planets in water signs. If you wish to read the description I wrote for the fire element, you can do so by choosing the first option for all the questions. It doesn’t mean all those options are related to fire signs, but it’s the easiest way to achieve that result. ?

    • Interesting! Both signs are family-oriented, quite attached to their roots, but of course, they act differently about that. It feels like a victory, because I still mentioned Cancer in the earth sign result, and Capricorn is, of course, one of the earth signs. ?
      I’d like to know more about your chart, if you don’t mind. ?
      Thanks a lot for playing, anyway. ?

  1. I got an Earth Sign. The phrase I like most is “You tend to take responsibility for your actions”. I’m a proactive person and I don’t tend to place the blame on other people when things did not go as planned.

  2. I cannot answer some of the questions because well, I just couldn’t choose just one … :p
    I got earth but I’m not an earth sign (according to my horoscope) … But perhaps I’m an earth sign deep down … who knows :p

    • Yes, some questions are very tricky. It takes firm honest answers to get the best guess, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to guess right anyway. ?
      You may have to check if you have earth signs in your other planets. Otherwise, I think air signs such as Gemini and Libra would fit that result. Libra even appears as a cheat sign, did you read the cheat signs at the end of the description? ?
      The funniest thing would be attempting to guess what answers you gave to each question, and I bet #2 and #3 were the hardest to choose.

      • Oh really? I think I got stuck at #1 and 8 … and then I realised I don’t have a perferrence for movie genre? I guess I watch movies that usually have more than 1 genre :p or are at extreme ends … Oh I do have Libra in my cheat sign …

  3. Each answer is linked to a result, it’s the only way of making personality quizzes here. The winning element is the one with the most points. I should try and see what happens if two elements end up being a draw, I didn’t thought of it. It was quite hard to make, I relied more on what I experienced than what I read and learned.

    Yes, these quizzes are difficult to take because there’s no correct answer, it mostly depends on the situation. It takes several attempts to get a fair result, we are sometimes asked things about ourselves we don’t even know ourselves!

    My love for astrology rises to the surface from time to time, hehe. ?

    What about your Mercury? You sound pretty romantic over all. ?
    I’m Scorpio, Leo ASC and Moon in Cancer. Venus, Mars and Jupiter in Sagittarius. A lot of fire, and no air. I wish I had more air. ?

    • See, when a personality quiz turns into a trivia quiz where you have to guess which answers will lead to the result you want.
      Honestly, I’m afraid it is bugged, everyone is getting earth. ?
      I thought Air was going to be most popular because it has the coolest options. Earth has about the most reasonable, but it takes honesty and awareness to answer, not logic or reason.
      Gemini is ruled by Mercury and can be rational as well, but I placed Libra already among the cheat signs and couldn’t add another air sign.

      Thanks for trying! I’d be glad if you repeated the test other times. I doubt that the Virgo ASC takes over all the other elements, but who knows. ?

      I had a Gemini Sun/Virgo ASC/Venus in Cancer boyfriend. It didn’t last for long, but he was very romantic. Ladies might be different, but I was surprised at how expressive he was about his feelings. I’m quite the opposite.
      I think your potential aggressiveness is also due to the Moon-Mars conjunction: lunar emotions and martial power that work together. Then Libra is all about fairness, equality, and balance.

      I read Mars in Sagittarius might start arguments just for the sake of training and improving their skills. Which is partially true, I learn a lot from arguing, it’s motivating, unlike boring lessons.

      • Oh okay, so they aren’t conjuncted.
        I couldn’t figure it out, sorry. I saw two planets in the same sign and my brain yelled “conjunction”. I misread, you wrote Mars in Virgo but I understood Mars in Libra.
        Yes, as your ascendant is in Virgo, your Mars in Virgo is likely to be in the 1st house. I think it means you spend a lot of your energy in making sure things are fair, in order, and going as planned. A perfectionist, paying extreme attention to details. That 1st house makes you confident, sometimes hot-tempered because of impatience.
        I think it’s the best asset for a critic, like an art or food critic. ?

    • I mean an awareness that is more about your nature and instincts than a global awareness of what is right or wrong (logic and reason).

      I listed the “cheat signs” at the end, they aren’t cheaters, I cheated by adding them as possible guesses beside the three element signs in the result. I am the cheater. ?

      Conjunction is about having a very little amount of degrees of distance between two planets. Having both planets in the same sign usually creates a conjunction. If I’m not wrong, Lilith is about eroticism, nice to have it connected with feelings/emotions and strength/power/vitality. ?

      What about your Mercury and Jupiter?
      Mercury is likely your most important planet, it is the so called ‘ruler of the chart’. The ruler is the planet that owns the sign of your ascendant, in your case, Virgo is ruled by Mercury. It’s unlikely to be Virgo, but it could be Taurus. Or Gemini. Or Cancer.

    • I said art or food critic because those placements in Gemini usually help with writing and communication skills, especially journalism.
      If your sun is in the 10th house, or Gemini is in that house, communication is supposedly very important in your career (or your ideal career) or, at the very least, you take pride when your communication is effective.
      We learn new things as we live. ?

      I’ve never been in Trieste, but glad you did and had a painting in an exhibition there. There’s so much in Italy I haven’t visited. I’ve never been to Rome, odd enough I guess. ?

    • Yes, it’s all getting quite confusing. ?
      We either talk of this in private, or need to make another post.

      By three element signs I meant three signs from the same element. Each element has three signs, four elements make 12 signs. Then the cheat signs are three other signs for each of the elements remaining.
      Oh okay, you got it. ?

      At the time I mentioned Lilith, I still thought your Mars was in Libra. Then the dark erotic side is simply conjuncted to the emotional moon, no martial strength, power or vitality involved. I have the same aspect, Moon and Lilith conjuncted, but in Cancer.

      Yours is a good point. There are different schools of thought. Some would rather focus on the planet that owns the sign of the Sun, others think the Moon is the most important, but generally I’ve mostly read and heard the ruler of a chart depends on the ascendant.
      About sun and moon: it’s told people born during the day should pay attention to the sun, those born at night are more affected by the moon. In your case, I guess you were born around noon.

      The ascendant also tells how people perceive you, and you can imagine that how people see you might be in conflict with who you really are.
      Both Gemini and Virgo are owned by Mercury, the planet of reason, intelligence and communication. That’s your main characteristic, I remember you said you have a talent in guessing what people are like by the way they talk or express themselves. That’s probably due to that. ?

    • Nope, I know nothing about synastry.
      I go with the flow when it comes to relationships.
      I only experienced how unwise it is to stay with people who have your same flaws. Very frustrating. ?

      I guess you were born around noon because your Sun is in the 10th house, the house also known as Midheaven. It means the sun was about at its highest when you were born, meaning around noon.
      My Sun is in the 4th house, I’m quite the opposite.
      I was born around 11 PM.

      I’m sensitive to the moon of other people, people with the same moon look alike to me. My moon is in the 12th house. It might even be your Mars in the 12th/almost 1st house helping with that.
      See, I’m wondering and figuring out as I speak.
      The 8th and 12th houses are the most psychic and intuitive.
      However, you’re the only one who knows where your Mars truly dwells. The 12th house tends to carry a bad childhood. In the case of Mars, you can guess it’s about having experienced violence, both physical and psychological, as a child, or having been forced to repress your anger. I hope your Mars is more like in the 1st house, more cheerful. ?

    • Do you mean this guy has the Moon in Virgo and 12th house? ? I can imagine you’re totally clueless about the way he feels. Virgo makes the Moon quite shy when it comes to expressing feelings, plus the 12th house is very secretive as well. While this is a sensitive house that can help with intuition (what I meant by helping), it is linked to isolation and hermitage. It’s a house that symbolizes prisons and hospitals, then it makes hard for the planet to express itself. He might not even know himself, what he feels.
      You might get along intellectually, if his Mercury is in a good position (air or earth sign, above all). Then, if we’re talking about romantic interests, what about his Venus? ?

      The 8th and 12th houses are known to be quite evil, just like Saturn. Saturn is one evil planet, it’s about karma and challenges of life.
      I should really create another article. ?

    • You’re definitely alike, no wonder you feel each other!
      He sounds practical, as much as an Aquarius can be.
      I think you’d make him feel more comfortable by being a little secretive and mysterious yourself, yet showing affection and admiration in a formal way.
      He must enjoy compliments, but they gotta be compliments he understands and can relate to.
      That Moon/Mars aspect might make his emotions, and way he expresses them, provoke you, or you may hurt his feelings by pointing out or criticizing something about him.
      But generally, I think you share very similar views, and goals.
      He’s probably reassured by the fact you still look for him, despite his ‘rude’ personality.
      You must keep in mind he truly needs personal space and time to be alone, he doesn’t necessarily ignore or be mean at you because he doesn’t like you.
      But you know. You know how he really is, how he feels, most people don’t. And I bet he’s intrigued by that, and kind of frightened at the same time.
      He tries his best to hide, but you uncover him.

      However, if his Moon happens to be in Leo, his moodiness might depend on the fact his mind and heart confuse him, he doesn’t know what he should be listening to: mind and heart ask for different things.
      That’s how Mercury/Moon oppositions work.
      We can’t really understand that, because our Mercury/Moon trine doesn’t give us the same issue. Our rational side usually gets along with the emotional one, but it could be completely different for him. Again, only if his Moon is in Leo, not in Virgo.

      Would you agree? ?

    • I was expecting a private message, but it’s okay. ?
      You’re generally alike because you have things in common, Air Sun and Air Mercury (very important for the both of you), and Earth planets.
      Cancer and Capricorn are opposites, but they truly have a common goal, which is trust, security, appreciation and family. They act differently, but that’s a resource because this opposition completes you.

      Most of the suppositions I shared about this guy come from the Moon in Virgo and Venus in Capricorn, i.e. a practical person that is reserved and introverted, and might not always be open-minded (though the Aquarius creates a balance, but this sign can be pretty stubborn as well).
      Moon and Venus can tell what a straight man is attracted to.

      He needs personal space because both Virgo and Capricorn do, plus the probable 12th house. I can tell because I’m a 12th house moon too, I really need to take a break from socialization from time to time.

      Perhaps “provoking” wasn’t the correct term, he might just hurt you for the way he shows (or doesn’t show) his emotions.
      His Moon acting negatively on your Mars, just like your Mars could act negatively on his Moon.

      The trine and opposition aspects I mentioned, related to the Moon/Mercury, are individual, not linked to a synastry.
      It’s getting confusing, I’m confused myself, I feel you. ?


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