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Quizidiom: How can I go to grandma’s house?

Little Red Riding  Hood was on her way to visit her grandmother.   On her way, she met the vicious Mr. Fox.   Mr. Fox said that her grandma had moved to a new place.   Mr. Fox gave her the first part of the map, but she has to answer the idiom first.

Can you help Little Red Riding Hood to get the right part of the map?

Write in the comment section how far have you helped LRRH.

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  • Question of

    Raining cats and dogs

    • strong rain
    • a lot of pets coming in
    • OMG…. It’s doomsday.
  • Question of

    Bite off more than you can chew

    • greedy
    • small mouth
    • To take on a task that is way to big.
  • Question of

    Elvis has left the building

    • Elvis went to the toilet
    • The show is over.
    • Who is Elvis, again?
  • Question of

    born with a silver spoon in the mouth.

    • child who likes to eat
    • have rich parents
    • I am rich.
  • Question of

    once in a blue moon

    • The wolves will come soon.
    • OMG, Winter is coming!
    • Happens very rarely.
  • Question of

    apple of the eye

    • favored person
    • using contact lens
    • loves to use iPad
  • Question of

    couch potato

    • fries on the couch
    • being lazy
    • mashed potato on the couch
  • Question of

    ball in your court

    • you got the point.
    • time to decide
    • pick it up please


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