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Quizidiom: 7 deadly mistakes of the 7 dwarves on day 7

‘Mirror, mirror, on the wall.’ The Evil Queen strikes again.  Snow White accidentally ate a cursed fruit.   She speaks an odd language.  The dwarves can’t help her because they don’t know how to translate Filipino to the English language.

Can you help the dwarves to teach Snow White how to speak their language again?

Let us know if you were able to help the 7 dwarves to break the spell.

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    What can we do, he is a person with horizontal intestine.

    • He is a circus star.
    • He is a crimintal
    • He is sick.
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    He is light handed so he just swing them whenever he is upset.

    • He is easily provoked
    • He has Carpal tunnel syndrome
    • He only got 8 fingers.
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    The mouse in the chest kept running anytime I see him.

    • I swallowed a mouse
    • I am nervous.
    • I am married to Mickey
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    She is the light of the house.

    • She pays the electricity.
    • Her name is Phillips.
    • She is the mother.
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    My blood is boiling when I heard the news.

    • i got so angry .
    • I have a hypertension.
    • I am a vampire.
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    She has an onion skin. She cries all the time whenever she is teased.

    • She is very sensitive.
    • Her skin is peeling.
    • She has a fair skin.
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    You have the angel’s tongue. My wish came true.

    • She has wings because she’s an angel.
    • Something positive happens after she assured that things will happen positively.
    • Her tongue has wings.
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    You still have milk on your lips, you can’t get married yet.

    • You should wipe your lips after drinking a glass of milk.
    • You are too young.
    • You are using white lipstick.
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    He has a flowery tongue that’s why he was able to get her sweet yes. Flowery tongue means

    • He has good words.
    • He swallowed a sunflower seed.
    • He got a tongue disease.
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    He has a flowery tongue that’s why he was able to get her sweet yes. Sweet Yes means

    • She accepted his love.
    • She makes pastry.
    • She coated yes with sugar


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