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Quiz: Test Yourself with the Greek Alphabet (easier than it looks!)

The alphabet we use every day developed from an early version of the Greek alphabet, so it’s no surprise that almost half of the Greek letters are visually identical to their equivalents in our own alphabet. In this fun quiz, for each question  you will see a Greek letter, and you get to choose its nearest equivalent. Let us know how you get on!

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  • This is the first letter of the Greek alphabet. Choose its English equivalent.

    • A
    • C
    • V
  • This letter falls near the middle of the Greek alphabet. Choose its English equivalent.

    • W
    • S
    • M
  • This letter may be familiar to some, from mathematics. Choose its English equivalent.

    • T
    • T T
    • P
  • But sometimes a resemblance may be misleading…

    • Q
    • R
    • S
  • In English we use this letter’s name to describe a type of penetrating electromagnetic radiation. Choose its nearest English equivalent.

    • G
    • H
    • J
  • This letter’s name is a well-known geographical term in English. Choose its nearest English equivalent.

    • C
    • F
    • D
  • This looks familiar. But can you trust it?!

    • K
    • N
    • F
  • This Greek letter is used in mathematics

    • Z
    • S
    • W
  • Perhaps if you twist this letter a bit it will resemble its English equivalent!

    • V
    • U
    • L
  • Too easy, this one! Or is it? 🙂

    • H
    • E
    • N
  • This letter is the equivalent of two English letters, the first of which is silent at the beginning of a word.

    • Pn
    • Ps
    • Pt
  • Not the last letter of the Greek alphabet!

    • Z
    • X
    • O
  • This letter is the origin of the X in Xmas

    • X/Ks
    • Kh/Ch
    • St/Ts
  • The last letter in the Greek alphabet. From alpha to…

    • O
    • B
    • C

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  1. 10/14 – some silly mistakes! It is noticeable how close the Greek and Cyrillic alphabets are – I did learn the latter some years ago, but have not had much cause to use it in recent years.



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