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Strange but Elegant Words Quiz: R

This is the latest in our occasional series of quizzes about strange but elegant English words. Sometimes I’ll give you a definition, and let you choose the right word; and sometimes I’ll give you a word and let you choose the definition. Let us know how you get on! 

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Data correct per Oxford Dictionaries. Cover image: Public domain.

  • Question of

    What does the term ‘ratite’ refer to?

    • A class of flightless birds
    • A class of rodents
    • An unidentified mineral mentioned in the Bible
  • Question of

    What is a razzia?

    • A style of haircut popularised by punks in the 1970s
    • A raid
    • A breed of longhorn cattle
  • Question of


    • An imitation diamond
    • Inflammation of the facial mucous membranes
    • Surgery on the nose
  • Question of


    • The liquid run-off from a wormery
    • A fish nest
    • To rescue from the sea
  • Question of


    • Grid-like in form
    • Constructed with one or more pivoted joints
    • Skilled in public speaking
  • Question of


    • To abduct
    • To make love in the daytime
    • To pass rope through a hole
  • Question of

    Resurrection man

    • One who digs up cadavers and sells them
    • A Siberian shaman
    • A pejorative term for a stock-market trader
  • Question of


    • An unintelligent yokel
    • A word puzzle
    • A kind of monkey
  • Question of


    • to illuminate a manuscript
    • To repay in kind
    • To apply whale fat to ropes
  • Question of


    • An X-ray machine
    • A satellite which remains stationary relative to earth
    • A dimmer switch
  • Question of


    • Difficult to grasp
    • Soft and easily styled (of hair)
    • Restore to a functional state
  • Question of


    • A swollen red nose associated with alcohol consumption
    • Rose-water
    • Rust-coloured


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