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Strange but Elegant Words Quiz: R

This is the latest in our occasional series of quizzes about strange but elegant English words. Sometimes I’ll give you a definition, and let you choose the right word; and sometimes I’ll give you a word and let you choose the definition. Let us know how you get on! 

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Data correct per Oxford Dictionaries. Cover image: Public domain.

  • Question of

    What does the term ‘ratite’ refer to?

    • A class of flightless birds
    • A class of rodents
    • An unidentified mineral mentioned in the Bible
  • Question of

    What is a razzia?

    • A style of haircut popularised by punks in the 1970s
    • A raid
    • A breed of longhorn cattle
  • Question of


    • An imitation diamond
    • Inflammation of the facial mucous membranes
    • Surgery on the nose
  • Question of


    • The liquid run-off from a wormery
    • A fish nest
    • To rescue from the sea
  • Question of


    • Grid-like in form
    • Constructed with one or more pivoted joints
    • Skilled in public speaking
  • Question of


    • To abduct
    • To make love in the daytime
    • To pass rope through a hole
  • Question of

    Resurrection man

    • One who digs up cadavers and sells them
    • A Siberian shaman
    • A pejorative term for a stock-market trader
  • Question of


    • An unintelligent yokel
    • A word puzzle
    • A kind of monkey
  • Question of


    • to illuminate a manuscript
    • To repay in kind
    • To apply whale fat to ropes
  • Question of


    • An X-ray machine
    • A satellite which remains stationary relative to earth
    • A dimmer switch
  • Question of


    • Difficult to grasp
    • Soft and easily styled (of hair)
    • Restore to a functional state
  • Question of


    • A swollen red nose associated with alcohol consumption
    • Rose-water
    • Rust-coloured


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    • Well done, Ileana. You had an advantage, as you point out, since many of the longer and more difficult English words are borrowed from Latin (which of course is the parent of Romanian). Thanks for taking the quiz 🙂

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