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QUIZ: Do you know the Meaning of these City Names?

We are all familiar with the names of the major cities of the world. Though some of their meanings are lost in the mists of time, the meanings of many more are clear to historians. Test your knowledge of this fascinating topic with this fun quiz and spread the fun by sharing your score below πŸ™‚

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Answers correct per Wikipedia. Cover image: public domain.

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    What is the meaning of ‘Los Angeles’?

    • The angles
    • The angels
    • The Anglos
  • Question of

    What about Montreal?

    • Mountain trail
    • Real mountain
    • Royal mountain
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    Casablanca is the largest city in Morocco. What does it mean?

    • White house
    • Abode of peace
    • City of sand
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    Belgrade, capital of Serbia, has what meaning?

    • White house
    • White city
    • Black city
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    Quebec City’s population is more than 90% francophone. What is the meaning of its name?

    • Where the river narrows
    • Meeting of the waters
    • Valley of no return
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    Tel Aviv is Israel’s largest city. What does its name mean?

    • Coastal dunes
    • Orange grove
    • Spring hill
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    Vladivostok is a major port on Russia’s Pacific coast. What is its meaning?

    • Impaler of the steppes
    • Ruler of the east
    • Coastal granary
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    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil’s largest city, has what meaning?

    • Carnival of Janus
    • River of January
    • River of Celebration
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    Dublin is Ireland’s capital; what was the meaning of its name originally?

    • Ford of the wattle fence
    • Grey river mud
    • Black pool
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    Beijing, formerly Peking, is mainland China’s capital. What is the meaning of its name?

    • Northern capital
    • Eastern capital
    • Central capital


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