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Alex by Pierre Lemaitre – Book review

This kind of thriller I have not read yet. It all begins with the abduction of a woman. The witness was only one, it...

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Calendula – plant for hundreds of diseases

In ancient Rome, it was believed that the calendula flowers grew on the grave of one Vestal that died of sadness. She was unhappily...

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How important are coral reefs?

How important are the rainforests around the world, so is the coral reef of great importance not only for the sea creatures but also...

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Interesting facts about Australia

Most recently discovered, distant, isolated and spared of all wars, Australia is, we can freely say - the world for itself. Maybe you've been...

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Interesting facts about volcanoes

The volcanoes are dangerous and beautiful, mysterious and non-existent. They have a common, dangerous line - their eruptions often cause cataclysms. The year 2002...

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