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POPULAR SAYINGS OF WISDOM: – Adages, Aphorisms & Epigrams (QUIZ: Part Two)

Hi. This is the 2nd quiz in my series on: popular sayings, proverbs and maxims – which have been around with us; from long, bygone times. These phrases of wisdom are known as: adages, aphorisms and epigrams.

To complete the quiz, fill in each missing gap by selecting the correct word applicable. Enjoy the quiz; and do leave your score, comments and up-vote in the section below. Thanks. Good luck.

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  • Question of

    Silence is the best answer for a ________.

    • Critic
    • Fool
    • Lover
    • Teacher
  • Question of

    A ________ in time saves nine.

    • Lesson
    • Meal
    • Stitch
    • Walk
  • Question of

    ________ is the mother of inventions.

    • Ambition
    • Hopelessness
    • Necessity
    • Pride
  • Question of

    Those who live in glass houses, don’t throw ________.

    • Tantrums
    • Stones
    • Parties
    • Furniture
  • Question of

    Who will ________ the cat?

    • Bell
    • Catch
    • Feed
    • Keep
  • Question of

    Who the ________ fits, let them wear it.

    • Badge
    • Cap
    • Coat
    • Shoe
  • Question of

    Don’t bite off more than you can ________.

    • Chew
    • Eat
    • Handle
    • Swallow
  • Question of

    A journey of a thousand miles begins with ________.

    • Getting ready to go
    • The first mile
    • The first step
    • The train moving
  • Question of

    There is no need crying over ________.

    • A lost purse
    • Broken dreams
    • Split milk
    • Unrequited love
  • Question of

    ________ waits for no one.

    • Love
    • Money
    • Space
    • Time


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Written by Daniel Obiago


    • Thanks for your comment. Jotomy. Your 5/10 is an okay score – average. Hope you played the quiz again and got it all 100% right the next time around. Isn’t this is such a cool way to learn new things! Cheers ? ?

    • Thanks for your comment, Norman. Good to know you enjoyed the quiz! Your 8/10 is excellent. ‘Who will bell the cat’ refers to the practice of having a bell tied around a cat’s neck to ring as it walks. Annoying for the cat! Done for a variety of reasons, mainly to do with mice. Cheers ? ?

    • Never mind. Its the learning that counts. All you have to do is play the quiz again and you will most likely get it all 100% right. This is a great way to learn new things! Thanks ?