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POPULAR SAYINGS OF WISDOM (Quiz: Part 5): – Adages, Maxims, Proverbs, Idioms & Clichés!

Hi. This is the 5th quiz in my series on: popular sayings, proverbs, maxims, idioms and cliques (clichés). Many of these commonly-used phrases of wisdom (also known as: adages, aphorisms, or epigrams) have been around for very many years – and in some cases, a few hundred years!

To complete the quiz, all you have to do is fill in each of the missing gaps with the correct word. Do enjoy the quiz; and afterwards kindly leave your score, comments and up-vote in the section below. Thanks. Good luck.

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  • Question of

    Catch a falling ________!

    • cat
    • star
    • prize
  • Question of

    Beware of wolves who come in ________ clothing!

    • angel’s
    • hero’s
    • sheep’s
  • Question of

    Throw ________ the gauntlet!

    • back
    • down
    • out
  • Question of

    Putting the ________ amongst the pigeons!

    • bread
    • cat
    • dog
  • Question of

    All for one; and ________ for all!

    • few
    • many
    • one
  • Question of

    ________ and the world will laugh with you.

    • Believe
    • Clown
    • Laugh
  • Question of

    Like getting ________ out of a stone!

    • answers
    • blood
    • sand
  • Question of

    Don’t put anything smaller than your ________ in your ear!

    • elbow
    • finger
    • pencil
  • Question of

    ________ catches more flies than vinegar.

    • Glue
    • Honey
    • Water
  • Question of

    Walking the ________!

    • pavement
    • plank
    • runway


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Written by Daniel Obiago

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