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How much do you know about Belgrade, capital of Serbia?

Belgrade is a beautiful city. It’s capital of the Republic of Serbia. Did you ever visit it? Maybe you should! It’s absolutely worth to visit! But, how much do you know about this beautiful city?

  • What’s Belgrade urban area city population?

    • The urban area of the City of Belgrade has a population of 1.23 million
    • The urban area of the City of Belgrade has a population of 2.23 million
  • What’s the name of city major?

    • Sinisa Veliki
    • Sinisa Mali
  • Which number is a postal code of the city?

    • 12000
    • 11000
  • What was official name of Serbia from 1918–1941?

    • Principality of Serbia
    • Kingdom of Yugoslavia
  • What’s Belgrade climate zone?

    • Humid subtropical climate zone
    • Humid tropical climate zone
  • How many municipalities the city has?

    • 19 municipalities
    • 17 municipalities
  • Whats most popular Serbian band that was part of Belgrade New Wawe?

    • Ekatarina Velika
    • Psihomodo pop
  • What’s the name of famous Serbian theatre?

    • Yugoslav Drama Theatre
    • Yugoslav Comedy Theatre

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Written by Ian Barna

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