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Celebration of retirement

In  my coutry Serbia, a man after 40 years of work has the right to be retired from the state.

My good friend who knew from childhood, last year he was entitled to retire.

We have a habit of celebrating various events and even that. The celebrity invited his colleagues and friends to this celebration for his retirement. We all gathered together on a raft house to river Sava in Belgrade.

On such occasions, we usually have piglets on a variety. Of course, salads and drinks are in large quantities.

It was warm weather and thebest cold beer with hot pork was best.

When you on river Sava it is a really nice and unforgettable sight.

Great water that calms down, boats, yachts and beautiful sunsets on them.

I’ll remember that day as one of the prettiest.

My friend chose a wonderful place to celebrate. Thank you.


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