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Belgrade , Bohemian Quarter Skadarlija.

Robin Biznis  23 July  Belgrade, Serbia

The most popular destination for tourists.

Foreigners In Belgrade are adored.


Sunday July 22.2017

After 17 pm, I found myself near Skadarska street. The time was quite cloudy and dreary. So, the photos I send are as they are.

Skadarska street is the most famous street in belgrade.

It is a narrow street covered with Turkish cobblestones and is quite steep.

I slowly walked up the street and photographed.

Musicians played in two restaurants. We call them Taverns.

They were created more than a century ago. There is a National Theater there.

After the theater performance, the actors went to the taverns in Skadarlija place.

Later they were joined by librarians, poets, painters and other bohemians.

And so the cult of Skadarlija was born as a bohemian quartet.

In my yesterday’s visit, I did not see many visitors.

Only a restaurant called “Three Hats” was filled to the last place.

The reason why this place is popular is because food is best here in belgrade.

Mainly it is grilled meat.

Serbian specialties such as Cevapcici, grilled vmeat patty-you call it Hamburger, but not the same, then Karadjord’s cutlet etc.

Maybe your photos will better show the atmosphere than I can tell you.

Of course, when the big street falls to the visitors, you think that you are in a big city. The music is heard from every restaurant, and the smell of the fried meat of you – the heat, compelsyou to buy grilled meat patty and soothe the hunger .


You can find much more about this site surfing the internet.

The photos will be set in the way I walked the street.

From below, uphill.

But this is my story from yesterday’s Skadarska street.

Belgrade is an open city for all people of good will and intent.It gives you both soul and heart, people know English and always help everyone to find what they are looking for in our city.You are always welcome.


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