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Since all of us here are bloggers, you might already know these blogging terms that will help you in the blogging space. Today, you’ll have to answer these tricky blogging terms quiz that will boggle your minds. Enjoy!

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    Atom means

    • Atom is a machine-readable XML-based web syndication format which allows users to subscribe to blogs and other web content subject to frequent change.
    • Atom is the basic unit of a chemical element.
    • Atom is a WordPress file
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    Barking moonbat means

    • A barking bat under the moon
    • Shorthand for crazy
    • Feeling nothing
    • An argument
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    The audience of a blog is called…

    • Blisitor
    • Visiblog
    • Audblog
    • Blaudience
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    Blawg means

    • Share blog’s contents
    • Blab about a blog
    • Blogs about law
    • Laws of blogging
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    Bleg means

    • To ask for contributions or feedback using a blog or blog post as a venue.
    • To beg for money to visitors
    • Revenue-sharing sites
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    RSS stands for

    • Really Simple Site
    • Really Simple Syndication
    • Really Syndicated Site
    • Really Site Syndication
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    Blogger bash means

    • To bash someone’s website or blog
    • To rally someone offline
    • A party for bloggers, either online or offline.
    • To take down someone’s blog
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    Blogerati means

    • A combination of blogger and confetti
    • Term for worst blog/bloggers
    • Celebrate one’s blog or website’s downfall
    • Commonly understood as being the most influential and highly trafficked bloggers online


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