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Yellow Representative ~ Color Crazy Yellow

I feel indebted before at least placing one yellow in Kim’s Color Crazy Challenge. For this reason, to represent whatever is yellow around me, I have sent this group of delegations.

Yes, the flower has several colors and combinations, and this group is a combination of yellow and white even though it is still called yellow in its name.

If Carol has asked “Are you seeing any blooms in your yard?” and I replied that there were always flowers blooming around me but there were no yellow flowers so that’s mean I had forgotten! I have even shown pictures of these flowers several times! Hzzz…  Yes, I forgot!

  • Do you remember the name of the flower?

    • Yes
    • No

What do you think?

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  1. Nice.

    One of the reasons I don’t do the challenges is in your text my friend. I don’t like feeling bound to a specific concept.

    I know, when I was doing the photo challenge, that the rules chafed and annoyed. People cutting the corners of the rules bothered me. (One person posted 365 days of photos in 320 days amazing ability to travel in time).

    Culturally yellow is interesting. In the US it means cowardice. In Europe it means light. What does yellow mean in Asian Culture?

    • Maybe you know or remember that since the end of last year I have said that I would support all friends who initiated a challenge. Of course, it is not binding because it is self-will that must definitely adjust to the situation.

      I myself do not know how long I have completed the photo challenge that we have completed with a difference of one day.

      I think in Asia yellow has a variety of meanings even though there are similarities, such as luck, wealth or prosperity and glory. Beyond that there some other other meanings, both positive and negative.

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