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Gold and Blue – Color Crazy & Nature Tuesday

Here’s something for Kim’s Color Crazy Challenge. I believe this photo fits with the gold and blue color combination. I am also posting it for Nature Tuesday because despite the PWC, it is mostly nature. The picture illustrate the effect of these jets on the birds I mentioned last time. It’s probably fun to ride it and the water flying everywhere is interesting to watch and photograph though. 

I like combining challenges and hopefully I meet the criteria at least for one of them. Would you like to challenge me to combine more than 3 challenges in one photo? 

  • Did you know that until the 1980s you had to stand up to ride jet ski?

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  1. That is such a cool picture. I thought it was the waves hitting a rock until you said jet ski. The birds and the colors of that spray are memorizing. I tried riding one, a long time ago. I kept falling off, but I was pregnant at the time.


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