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What is the kindest thing someone has said or done for you?

I like watching youtube videos with a positive message and there’s one youtuber who goes and asks strangers different questions. Sometimes they are difficult ones, like “What is the most painful thing you have told someone?” or “When was a time you felt like giving up?”, and sometimes she even asks them to call their crush or to share a secret anonymously. It is a very interesting and thought-provoking channel and often inspiring too.

Today, I feel inspired to ask you what the kindest thing someone has said or done for you is.

Also, February 17 is Random Act of Kindness Day, so we still have some time to think of ways to show our kindness.

World Kindness Day

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  1. Think that so many people do the kind things for me, and this was expressed not only in important things, but also in everyday little things that can also be very supportive. Especially grateful to my parents & grandmother who always try to cheer me up in difficult moments, the doctor who cured me of severe pneumoniaas when I was a child, and some of my university professors.

  2. I cant count the kind things others said to me. However, I have also received bad as well.
    The most memorable is when I was almost going to give up at school as no one helped me.” I know your grades are down, but this year this is going to change. I am going to help you and at the end of this year you are going to get a prize. ”
    Not just a kind word but also an act of kindness, the teacher helped me with my schoolwork when no one would give me the time of day and I never forgot it. His name was Mr Clegg.

  3. I always try to say kind things to everyone. I think for me it was my professor in college who helped me come out of my shell and be the person I wanted to be. She held up my essay in her hand and said you cannot hide a lamp under a bushel – high words of praise that hit right home.

  4. Perhaps the thing that surprised me when I came here to Spain 14 years ago was a gesture I will never forget. I didn’t know the language, but a woman believed in me. Trust me your mother. We are still good friends to this day. Thanks to her, I learned the language very quickly.

  5. The kindest thing someone has done for me.

    Many years ago I was in Chicago. It was raining hard and I left my wallet in the hotel. A cab driver stopped and I told him I didn’t have my wallet.
    he literally took me to the hotel, dropped me off. I offered to run up and get cash but he drove off.

    I have never forgotten that.

  6. My friends always go to the food pantry on Wednesdays and also bring me foodstuffs as well. I, in turn, make them meals in the slow cooker or oven from the meat they get at the pantry. As for the animals around here, I make sure the outside cats get some food, the squirrels are fed and the country rat in my kitchen gets food. We are family as they say.

  7. The first thing that came to mind, and I have many, is when I lost my son. My boss and the entire corporate office I worked with (about 100 people) all gave money, gifts, cards and flowers. And I received visits from them as well, supporting me and I was paid the entire time I had to be off. They will never know how much that meant.

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