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Blue Rose and Trivia to Share

Sharing another edit done on one of my rose pictures. 

I have never seen blue roses before but I suppose anything is possible. 

Enjoy life and whatever is thrown your way. Make the best of each moment.

Sharing a few “blue rose” facts with you courtesy of

Due to genetic limitations, the blue rose cannot exist naturally. The flower rose lacks the specific gene or pigmentation which has the ability to produce colors of true blue. Sometimes, a purple or lavender rose may somewhat appear like a blue rose in certain light. 

Also, many florists dye white roses with a natural blue dye, and create blue roses. However, with the help of genetic engineering, it is possible for gardeners and greenhouses to reproduce the traits for the color blue in roses. And the same was accomplished by a Japanese company in the year 2004. However, the rose did not have the ‘true blue’ but a darker color.

What Does the Blue Rose Signify?

  • Blue rose has been a fragmentation of the wishful, imaginative and free pieces of mind. Its quest has been going on for centuries, and several florists are still on with their endeavor. In some cultures, the blue rose is analogized to the Holy Grail (chalice used by Christ at the Last Supper) thus, is considered as the same in the world of roses.
  • Given its non-existence, and the longing for its presence in the world of flora, the blue rose symbolizes unattainableness. It represents something which is destined to remain as a dream, and as a never-to-be-fulfilled wish.
  • Some people regard the blue rose as an exhibition of inner feelings of love at first sight. It is also attributed as a synonym for an impossible or unrequited love. And there are some cultures who associate the blue rose with royal blood; regal majesty and splendor.
  • Accomplishing the impossible, fighting all odds, and new beginnings can also be represented by the blue rose. When we choose a path which has an untold, unexplained beginning, our heart gets crowded with feelings which are too deep to be described in words. Such an excitement can also be expressed through a blue rose.
  • Life throws curve balls, we have to learn how to catch, right? Or maybe learn how to dodge!

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  1. what a great post – thank you for all the blue rose information – I learned a lot today!

    I always wonder why blue is denoted as a color of happenstance (once in a blue moon) or sadness (I am blue).

    My wife’s favorite color is blue!
    she tells me my favorite color is blue, also!


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