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Trinity ~ Color Crazy Challenge 2019

This is a painting that I made specifically for Kim’s Color Crazy Challenge. Of course, I play in the purple range to fit the theme of this week.

The idea of painting itself is the symbolism of Three in One, and One in Three which generally appears as one of the essences of religious philosophy. Whether it’s the similarity that is accidental or indeed it is the true essence.

The existence of the three is very strong but also very disguised behind our physical reality as humans. I’m sure you really understand what I mean here.

  • Do you have a specific or specific perspective on the Trinity?

    • Yes
    • No

What do you think?

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  1. The essence of the three what a great question Albert.

    (first, your art is amazing!)

    The now, the then and tomorrow.
    The essence of the three spirits that visited Scrooge in the novel A Christmas Tale.

    But the three representing the pieces of the universe that touches all of us every day.

    Today – is the moment we are in.
    Yesterday is the memories that make us ready for today.
    Tomorrow is the fear of what we do not know, but the desire as well for what may yet be.

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