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Orange Jessamine ~ Color Crazy Challenge 2019

I am sure that we all know the Golden Rules, in any version. We will pick whatever we plant. If you plant flowers you will get flowers, if you plant fruit trees you will pick the fruit, or in the opposite tone, like a book that was published in my country with the title “Who sows the wind will reap the storm”.

My fragrant orange jessamine and this kind of fruit I got some time after I planted it, and this time I submitted it as a contribution to the Color Crazy Challenge 2019 – Color Crazy Challenge Orange, which was started by Kim.

An hour ago, I also reaped results from Virily after everything I had planted for the past month. I am sure that all friends who meet the standard of payment have also obtained the results of that effort. I am sure that even though in the past few months our dashboard has been slow to update, Virily knows of their obligation to give what is our right.

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  1. Lovely colour and lovely name, jessamine! No, I have only received one payment from Virily, of $10.48, and I have been here over a year now (about a year and a half actually). One problem is that I can’t cash out because they are very, very slow about updating my earnings on my Dashboard – I only just received my virils for December’s earnings yesterday, nothing yet for January or February. I think I must have earned at least $10 in virils over the last 2 months, but still can’t cash out. Very annoying.

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