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Another Kind of Adam Eve ~ Color Crazy Challenge 2019

This is another kind of Adam Eve plant from which I have posted several times before. I took this picture yesterday in the park of the hospital where my wife did a health check along this week. Of course, I took this picture because its color matches the theme of Kim’s Color Crazy Challenge this week.

I am grateful that medically my wife does not have a serious illness for her health. All examinations, both physical and mental, have stated and confirmed this. The only problem with her is in her stomach, even though it’s not serious either.

All the results of the complete and comprehensive examination once again confirm my view that she must be more serious in accepting and understanding her sensitivity to supernatural matters as well as her sixth sense.

Actually she has accepted that but still always doubts the impact on her physical condition and is always worried about her health. Well, that is understandable because every time after she has contact or is more profound, she will feel pain in many parts of her body, both the head (such as headaches and vertigo), chest, abdomen, back and all of her joints. This is difficult for her or other people to accept, logically but I have taken care of her for decades, so I feel very confident in my thoughts and sense about her. Not to mention the whole of my experiences talking with all the characters that emerge when she’s possessed.

The funny event that happened yesterday was when my wife unbearably had “read” the doctor of she last met with some of her living conditions, and character. Of course, the doctor was surprised, but then even consulted and asked for advice to overcome her life’s problems. When the doctor asked how my wife could find out all that, my wife just smiled and said, “There is a kind of television on your face”.

Of course, she has to take care of her stomach problems, but it is far more important to understand herself more deeply so that the diseases that are caused by her sensitivity will easier to prevent and to care.

  • Can you accept those kinds of conditions logically?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Do you have your own opinion about such a thing?

    • Yes
    • No

What do you think?

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  1. In order to accept something, we must first know what it is and understand how it works. It must have been a relief for the two of you, and the journey towards acceptance will soon come to an end successfully. ?

  2. I am glad you had nothing major to worry after the medical examinations are completed. Sometimes, it hurts more to think that you are unwell than what the physical effects can cause. Hope your wife with such an amazing mind clears her fear on health soon.

  3. Medical conditions affect people in different ways. Some people think by ignoring problems that they will go away. No they don’t always go away. Best to find some person like a Doctor who knows this subject and with time they can explain what ever the problem is.

    Yes, I believe a persons attitude determines their health, but also trauma can cause physical problems too.

    To care for them, the best thing to do is to listen and then do your best.

    • Thank you for your thought, Pamela. Yes, we have gone to various hospitals and many doctors, as well as regular general check-ups on schedule, over the past twenty years with relatively the same results for specific things my wife experienced.

      You are right that someone’s way of thinking and attitude can greatly affect the physical, I am very sure of that.

  4. Such a wonderful color and the flower!!! 🙂 Wonderful capture!!!
    When it comes to what you wrote, I’m not sure what are your wife’s experiences……? She can “read” other people or she has a certain problem herself…? I understood the part she is too sensitive which for sure causes some health problems, I have the similar sensitivity… Also, like we already talked I have a certain “sense” for other people but I think not that good like your wife.. Good her health is ok!!!

    • Thank you for the compliment, Ta.

      My wife was a very logical person and very much did not believe in the occult things at first, but after her sensitivity rose in the 90s, where she gradually experienced a variety of strange things, which if analyzed without considering all her conditions could easily be considered epilepsy for example.

      To this day, after more than twenty years, I have repeatedly brought her to do various types of medical examinations, and every time after that she was only asked to deal with her stomach problems more intensively.

      She can indeed “read” people I say like watching TV, this is not a problem for her but if it involves seeing a sighting or experiencing trance/possessed that scares her and tends to interfere with her health, she’s still less able to handle it well.

      • Wow… How strange…..

        Have you tried acupuncture…..? Or other alternative methods like quantum medicine…? When I visited a man who is into acupuncture he had this “machine” which measures meridians (1 diode is in your hand while the other he uses to measure different points and both are connected to the small device which shows measures) so he can also see your mental problems, your character, what suits you or not…

        Yes, of course, I can understand that… I don’t know how could she handle it…..

        • I have two friends who are acupuncturists, one of whom is a master who teaches acupuncture. Also several other alternative treatments practitioners. They all have already tried to help heal my wife.

          Nope. I have never tried quantum medicine for my wife because as far as I know, there is no such practice in my country. I myself only know that through online media.

          I am in writing this reply and have to postpone it for about an hour when such an event occurs again. Beginning with complaints of dizziness, not feeling well, the whole vibrating body she had asked, what happened to me? I told her to rest and pray, and then when I was giving her reflexology therapy, she was like dreaming and delirious. I asked my eldest daughter to read some specific prayers in her ear and the reaction was the appearance of several other characters/entities who spoke in different voices and one of them even read the same prayer, then she got up and did some things to her daughter like to a patient while saying a few things about her daughter.

          I think this is the time for her to start carrying out her role as a healer as I have said for a long time.

          • Ok, I understand…

            I think she maybe needs to go to a church where they will help her, I’m not sure that is normal for a healer…

            Having a vision is one thing but what you described could be something else…

  5. Albert, this is such a huge part of communication, the connection. The difference between talking at and talking to a human.

    I hope and send energy to your wife. It is hard when facing things that have no easy answer.

    • Thanks, I have been advising him for a long time, but her very logical karkter is quite difficult to accept it even though she realizes that she is different from most people, and yes, that is also one of source of her stress.

      Btw, you have made me the most romantic man in the world. Thank you so much.

  6. Your wife is very blessed with such an understanding husband. Glad to hear the tests came back with good results. Sounds like you are in tuned very well with what may or may not be wrong. That is not always the case. Being sensitive has its drawbacks for sure and your health can take a toll. I am sure you will continue taking excellent care of your lovely wife.

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