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Too Many Error Messages Virily

We all have our tipping point. Frustration slowly takes over. I am almost there…. and again another error message. Can we please get a message or some type of communication when things are going on here. If you are doing updates, can we get a notice? If nothing else, just a one line sentence when we log in letting us know what is up. The site is moving like a snail. Nobody has time for it. Please please correct this problem… somebody.

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Written by Carol DM

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  1. I think all of us have been patient, forgiving, etc. We’ve put up with what we think are ‘glitches’, but what is probably part of a scam to prevent us from posting and keeping us ignorant of how much we have earned.

    This isn’t a site like mylot where as you log on in the top right hand you know exactly how much money you have. This is a site which hides how much you earn and has the ability to manipulate. How do you know if you earned $1.00 yesterday?

      • I agree with you. I thought, when I first joined, it was ‘growing pains’ but I’ve realised, it is tricks. This is to prevent you from earning. They tamper with your earnings. You don’t know how much you make… this allows them to steal your coin. The outages are to prevent publishing while they pinch pennies from every account.

        Right now…I’ve had 17.75 from the beginning of the Month. For 25 days I have no idea how much more money I made. The Site owners do this so that if they pay me $18.00 I will feel pleased, not knowing that I have earned $25

          • When you think; ‘oh, it’s just me’ you don’t do anything. But it isn’t. It is all of us. The danger this site faces is that there are many American users who have access to their Attorney General, who can have the site investigated. That’s what happened to Bubblews.

            As this site claims to be in the U.S. in Arizona… it is a matter of time.

  2. THe reality of 504 and 502 errors is frustrating – it is also a huge where the problem is issue. Anyway, I am sorry everyone is getting frustrated.

    1. On safari on an iPad right now, no errors.
    2. This morning on my pc at home, lots of errors.

    Not sure what that means and realize that doesn’t help anyone. Just information.

  3. About six months ago I was concerned that the site was about to fall over completely, so I stopped contributing and went elsewhere. I have recently returned – in the hope that things might have improved – but there does not seem to have been much improvement.

    I use this site: to check if Virily is live or down – it saves much frustration if I know that it is definitely down for everyone and it’s not just me!

  4. I get this message about 20 times a day, when I make a quiz. I post the photo, save, error, open another page. I post the answers, save, error, reopen another page, next question, add photo. Error. open another page. I do this twice with every question. 10 questions, 20 errors, 20 new pages opened.

  5. I get that a few times when I was commenting, in the end I just don’t comment!!

    Other times they occurs when I was creating post and then I just don’t post the post (if too much of the content is missing after the site returns).


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