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Reciprocity and collegiality in virily

At the end of April, we were all surprised by the payments. We’ve all seen the new rules for viruses as well. But I wonder if we will all obey them and be collegial to those who visit our posts. Will we visit their posts? If that doesn’t happen? The answer is very simple. At the end of the current month, our payment will not reach the desired result.

grace put this problem in his post a Call: So, guys, keep up watch, reply to, and comment on my posts and I’ll do the same with yours.

I know someone will say that there are interesting posts that he does not want to visit. But be collegial to those who have taken the time to give you their slander.

We must lend a hand to each other.

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  1. I agree with you. I have mentioned several times that some members do not reply to my comments or return views. So I decided a while ago to first return views and comments to all members who visited my posts. Then I go to any other posts, of course if I have the time and the will

  2. I value the true conversation of others here in Virily. My payment here is not only in money but also the depth of what I have learned from you and each and every one that has corresponded with me on Virily.
    Whether I get paid or not, I am glad to have the opportunity to have discussions and share my world with yours.
    Thanks for this opportunity.

  3. I always open all the post regardless if that person view my post or not and I’ll do the same onward. I might not always drop a comment but will try to drop as many as possible to help others.

  4. as you know I have continued to fight for this community long before these issues. i, of course, continue to read and comment. Community is more important.

    We got one of our last 3 asks we got 1 of them again. (downvotes) let’s keep moving forward!

  5. I have always viewed many posts responded and commented on regardless of whether those whose posts I view, etc come to mine. Now on however I will keep a watch!!

    There are a few who do not interact with me and me with them and that is an accepted norm at any Site.

  6. I will do what I have done so far. I will open all the posts, I will read what enters my sphere of interest, and it is not very long (my English is not good enough to read long posts), and I will comment when I have something to say.


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