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What is your opinion about stickers on kids' faces in photos?

Today going to office after lunch, I saw how a young mother tried to take a selfie to the nice colorful tree in the square. And her two-three years boy all the time interfered with her wishes. Looking at this view, I somehow recalled all those photos on Facebook and Instagram with stickers on children’s faces.

I never understood that stupid idea of putting kids photos on social networks where the face of a child in their hands or in a wheelchair is stuffed with some kind of primitive sticker. Well, why?

The photo, of course, must have a sensual attachment – something like “my everything”. In that sense, their “everything” is that sticker or what? I don’t understand, their kids are so ugly they need to be covered?

Why do they add those pictures of a child if nobody sees that child? Don’t want to show a child – don’t take a picture and don’t show those photos publicly. Case closed.

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  • What is your opinion about stickers on kids’ faces in photos?

    • It’s OK
    • It looks silly


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  1. That’s plain censorship, and kind of ruins the purpose of taking a picture of a child. I understand the reasons why parents might want to hide their kid’s face but I agree it looks odd. Some “blurring” would look better but stickers are just easier to add.

  2. I’m not sure that I understand your point. Is the idea to disguise the face so that the child is protected from being recognised and subjected to harm from strangers, or separated parents, for example? If that is so, the action sounds very sensible.