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National Selfie Day

Just a post for #NationalSelfieDay While I realize that superficially, the bathroom seems like an optimal place for a selfie, I have also seen enough epic selfie fails to know that it isn’t nearly as good as it seems

What do you think?

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  1. Great work of art!

    I know a lot of friends who are very fond of taking selfies and posting those on social media. I was born earlier so I don’t have much interest in this stuff. It can also be that I am not photogenic so I don’t see this hobby as a productive way of spending time.

  2. I didn’t know there is National Selfie Day. I rarely take selfie, I just don’t feel like taking any selfie except taking a selfie together with my kids when there is no one else helping us to hold the camera.

  3. Is it national selfie day? I had no idea or I might have honored it. You know, selfies have made the Darwin Awards very busy. Like too busy – it probably takes more now to qualify. A selfie won’t cut it. I am glad we are celebrating this thing.

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