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The rise, fall and rise again of Media players?


One of the things I always find interesting is the expanding reality of media devices. There was a time, with the iPod and the Zune (as well as many other devices) that the concept of media devices was independent of your cellular device. I suspect the rising reality of time has changed media devices forever. The Zune, iPod, and other media devices were rapidly replaced by devices that had connections. Your cell phone always being connected killed the iPod. The Zune died because the market said, no. One of the things I often think about, though is the reality of the Swiss Army knife approach. I am, have been for more than 40 years a fan of swiss army knives.

I often grab my knife as the first option to do several things. I usually have my cell phone with me, so the camera, recorder, and other functions are often used. What I do often find, however, is the need. Yesterday I talked about the concept of waiting. What would you wait for? It is interesting to me because the camera concept is right now. Images such as the many here on Vriily are about capturing the exact moment. You can’t tell a butterfly to stop, and please wait while I run in and get my camera. The Butterfly, bird, or any other living thing is not going to wait for the camera to appear. They are going to do what they do and move on while you try to get your camera.

The cellphone, at that point, is of value. You see there are times when the Swiss army knife is the best tool. But the Swiss army knife is not always the best tool. The right tool for the job! That said, I do wonder as we move further into the Cellular phone world, that things are going to change. Today, I use my phone for conversations, boredom, and for checking on various things. The phone doesn’t have an issue with battery life. I have run to 10% a couple of times. I do have an extended life battery, But one of the things I noted recently is if you do Netflix or Hulu on your phone while waiting, the battery drains even faster. That draining will change the future of media players, maybe they come back, again!

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  1. I guess the forms of technology that survives are the ones that keep things simple and blends well with existing stuff. Any technology that needs an additional space or gadget has not done well on most occasions.


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