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The Loch Ness monster reality !

The Scotland’s freshwater lake, Loch Ness has a magical view and the historic fort with it dates back to the Middle Ages and is a tourist attraction. but this lake has been given name Loch Ness monster and now scientists claimed to know the truth.

Professor Neil Gemmell of New Zealand’s Otago University has been working to find out the reality of this extravagant monster since 2018 and DNA samples were collected from the lake water, and after long hard work, announcing the results of his research, it has been rejected, that large animal such as a dinosaur lived in the lake.

Apparently, the creature that appears in the famous 1934 photograph of the lake (which has been declared fake) looks like a long-necked dinosaur. But according to Professor Neil Gammell, she’s just a potential balm fish.

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