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The Hawker Center ~ Black & White Friday

This is a photo from my archive that is part of the new year holiday at the beginning of the new year 2018. It was my visit and my family in a tourist park where in that location there was a beautiful lake and culinary hawker center. The merchants there sell a variety of foods on small canoes that dock along the platform of the hawker center.

For this is the end of the week, this time I want to challenge you in another way. I am sure you will definitely be willing to follow this challenge because you are all challengers! After all, this is a simple challenge and only this once. I only ask you to look at some of the signboards on the canoes and mention all the words written on the boards in English as much as you can. You may use any means to respond to this challenge, whether with translators or search engines for example.

  • Would you like to follow this little challenge and mention as many words as possible there and you can find the equivalent word in English?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

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  1. I am an “expert” in Indonesian language just like in English!!! ( Don’t laugh!) I see what I want to see! I’m a photographer!
    “City Mimi,
    photo … taking
    Come on … guaranteed to be more exciting”
    ?? Kota Mimi, I’m coming! Wait for me!

    • Great Ileana! You are the second person who gave me your best shot! I even reread my writing repeatedly, is there anything unclear there, but you and Carol show that you understand what I mean.?

      Yes !!! “Mini City” and “Come on… guaranteed to be more exciting” are the perfect translation for the first and second lines of the directions.
      The second line consists of three separate words; bermain = play * belajar = learning * berfoto ria = taking photos.

      Thank’s for playing, Ileana.

        • Yippiiieee… You are very satisfying for the job, Kim. lol
          This is not about right or wrong but merely to find and know one or two Indonesian words in English.

          Empal is fried meat, but there are various versions of how to process and combine different ingredients or spice, and you’re right, one of which is spicy. Waruk Serok means Serok stalls are a name that means meatball stall that has a name called Serok (scoop, round spatula), the use of terms such as XYZ Mart, and it is not a food chain at all.
          Thank you for your willingness to be bothered.

    • The board reads “Kota Mini” which mean Mini City placed there because in that tourist park there is a special area with that name, contains replicas of architectural houses and other buildings from various countries. But the park itself is called Floating Market, to illustrate the existence of the culinary center itself. In addition to the two main parts there are still various other specific areas.

      So if you read “Mini City” on the signboard in the second image, it’s just a direction sign – as shown by the arrow on the right side of the board – for visitors who eat or pass through the food court or the Hawker Center.

  2. I finally got a good look at the photo. None of the words which I could make out were anything I thought was similar to English except the “Mini” in the sign over the people.

    You have to be careful when you try to equate words. Sometimes they look very much alike but mean something very different. Linguists call these false cognates. For example, the word “Gift” in German is not something you want to get. It translates as “poison” in English.

    • That’s great, Gary.
      Well, of course, there are almost no words similar to English except mini, my friend. Because it is Indonesian + some Sundanese (tribes from West Java).
      What I mean by this small challenge is to read a few words found on several boards there and then translate them into English.

      I think this can be a little different than quizzes about language and the like because you only need to find the words that you see directly along with some symbols that might help to make it easier. lol

      Maybe my question less understandable, and if that’s the case, I’m so sorry.

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