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The Absence ~ Black & White Friday

I really like photographs or black and white images in certain contexts. One of the highlights of that in my view is its power as a parable of the duality of life.

Without black or gray, there will only be blank sheets there. Without white and gray, there is only total darkness there. When the two are there, in the composition and all the intensity of the mixture, a variety of beauties, or impressions will emerge.

Apart from the question of whether black and white are colors, which the answer depends on how we consider black and white, as light or pigment, because both can be the absence of color, but both also produce various tones by mixing a color with gray, or by both tinting and shading.

Without darkness and light, there is no day and night, no surface and depth. There are no objects with their shadow. Because of darkness and light, there is fear and relief, there are sorrow and joy, there are knowledge and ignorance, there are always lessons to be learned from life.

Because black and white, then there are mysteries that must be sought out by the curiosity. But behind black and white, there is the secret of life, a purity that is no longer affordable by both, although it must be told in black and white words so that it can be sufficiently understood by duality beings. It must be described in white chastity and black magic like white paper and black ink as well so words can be written and read. It will continue to apply until words are no longer satisfy, until one desires to read something that is not written, which is invisible, by entering to the absence of color which produces the mind and vice versa, into the absence of mind that produces color.

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    Have you ever felt curious about something behind duality?

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    Have you ever try to enter the state of the absence of mind?

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  1. I agree not all pictures are suitable for the black and white filter. If wrongly applied, it can create dull images but this is not the case at all. ?
    There’s enough light and dark to make it worth, both literally and figuratively.
    Duality has always fascinated me. ?

    Now the new question should be: who came first, black or white? Light or dark? ?
    Eggs and chickens are outdated, we all know the egg came first. ?

    • The picture is not dull because you have clear eyes to see the beauty?

      You have the right attitude to respond to duality because we live in it. Imagine, if we don’t like duality, then where should we move?

      Which should be first? I remember your coin, can we use it to pay if the coin has only one side? ?

      Thank you for your thoughtful, and deep interesting question, Sabtraversa.

  2. Notably Wow! Your philosophy emerges from a simple contrast into an additional duality, surpassing the basic periphery into another dimension of thought supported by scientific premises. The absence of such provocation is essentially the mind without it’s mirror. This in itself represents duality, a window into a window. Again Wow!!

  3. Great photo, and thoughts. I enter the state of absence in my waking mind nightly. 😉
    I can seem to do this during the day as well, just get me outside beside a creek, when I paint a picture there is an absence of state of mind. Hours can go by in seconds, even driving home from work, you don’t remember getting home, but you are there, pulling into your driveway..

    • Thanks, Kim.
      Indeed, We do enter that situation every night?, while we sleep, unfortunately with “average” results… lol
      I think that condition can be entered both day and night, in contemplative activities, or special meditation…
      In the case of “No mind/zero minds” when driving, it is a special specialty of someone like you, there are even people who can drive more than 150 km while sleeping and arrive safely at home.

  4. third day in a row forcing me to think! Kudos Albert!

    black and white denotes a duality, but more in the presence and absence than the actual duality. For me, the duality lies in the moment of intersection, where black meets white or vice versa on the visible specturm.T he balancing of the components of our minds as we quiet the world and look within.

    • Black and white are the easiest symbols to describe duality as also used in Yin & Yang. Both are also two ends of the thread, North & South pole, right and wrong, healthy and sick, positive – negative, profit and loss, etc. But I understand what you mean by the moment of intersection.

      For relaxation or meditation exercises, for example, the balancing process occurs as long as we are still active in the mind, or the will tries to make the mind silent, or there is still an interesting attraction between the ego and the superego. Usually, it happens when we start relaxation (or along relaxation if we are not used to it) when our brain waves are still around beta or low beta.

      • I struggled with the release for many years. To relax to the point where I could separate. It finally happened for me about 15 years ago on a flight to Europe. I was wound, I couldn’t sleep so I decided to meditate. I put my noise canceling headset on, and suddenly I found my center.

        For a couple of years after that, I could only find my center with the noise canceling headsets on. Now, I don’t!

        • Wow! That’s a good experience! In general, people who have been connected to the center will continue to be maintained and have a connection sensitivity as well as the phenomenon of people who have been possessed who will be easier to experience such things. Hearing is indeed the most difficult to dim senses, and that’s why many people use headsets or listen to music and lately it’s mainly binaural. I think the point is to stretch the distance between small one bursts of thought to another by ignoring and not analyzing them so that they don’t become whole minds about single thing or many thing.

          • That my friend is again the truth (in my humble opinion). I also find that I can now, sit for hours fishing, without having to throw a line in the water. I fish now with the camera to see if I can catch fish on film.

            I find great peace is seeking.

  5. Even the black and white picture is beautiful … only for me they are colored better … if the black and white picture was really so beautiful then they would not start to work color TVs


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